Mount Kailash Tour is an amazing religious journey to one of the world’s sacred pilgrimage sites Mount Kailash (6638m)– the abode of Lord Shiva and serene Lake Mansarovar(4590m). The trip to Mt. Kailash holds deep reverence among followers of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It's an admired destination cherished by countless devotees and travellers globally.

Set yourself in the lap of the breathtaking sacred peak Mt. Kailash is believed to be the eventual destination for the soul and spiritual centre of the world and dip into tranquil LakeMansarovar is believed to have been born from the spiritual quintessence, offering sacred salvation through immersion in its crystalline waters to cleanse their souls.

Every year, Tibet Mount Kailash Tour captivates thousands of travellers with its serene ambience, divine beauty and stunning Gandis Himalayan ranges. It also lets travellers revel in panoramic vistas of gigantic wetlands, zigzagging rivers, ruminating cattle, and the astounding Brahmaputra River.

This exceptional Kailash Tour necessitates a three-day expedition circumambulating Mount Kailash, bestowing abundant moments to profoundly immerse in the esoteric asceticism, emerging from this sacred Kailash peak.

Kailash Parikrama or Kailash Kora, a ritual walk around the mountain is the main highlight of the Kailash mansrovar Trip, making this trek a profoundly life-changing experience. However, it can be physically demanding piouspilgrimsshould undertake the journey with proper preparation to complete the spiritual adventure successfully.

Experience the ethereal essence flowing through each step, and learn some religious values and cultural significance while journeying to Kailash Yatra. Throughout this holy pilgrimageMount Kailash Tour, embrace deep scrutiny, permitting the connections formed on this sacred path to fuel your inspiration and nurture encountering spiritual transformation.

The adventurous journey to holy pilgrimage sites offers sustenance for both body and spirit. Along this sacred route, marvel at the incredible Himalayan scenery, tranquil highly-elevated lakes such as the cherished Mansarovar, mystical temples and centuries-old age monasteries rich in heritage. Every step taken on this sacred voyage is marked by a succession towards serenity and self-exploration.

With a varied option such as the Kailash Overland Tour – a thrilling journey commences and concludes by road making it the perfect trip for those seeking adventure. Kailash Tour Via Nepalgunj – a short and scenic journey that includes the flight from Nepalgunj. Kailash Tour Via Lasha - Another ideal option to squeeze the charm of both the historical cities of Tibet and the sacred sites of Mount Kailash with Lake Manasarova. However, the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in Tibet can be succeeded in any preferred way according to the individual’s interest,

Kailash Mansarovar Tour is specially customized to visitors' interests and yearnings. Our Mount Kailash Tour Packages guarantee a satisfying and life-changing experience for the pilgrims.

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  •  Visit the most famous historical and cultural sites in Kathmandu Valle
  •  Enjoy a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Tibet witnessing the glorious mountain such as Mt. Everest (8848m), Cho Oyu (8201m), and Lhotse (8516m).
  •  Make your way to one of the world’s sacred pilgrimage sites Mt. Kailash and serene Lake Mansarovar.
  •  Challenge yourself with three days of expedition encircling Mount Kailash.
  •  Taking a dip in the holy waters of Mansarovar Lake which is believed to purify the soul and lead to spiritual liberation.
  •  Immerse yourself into the religious significance and cultural values.
  •  Explore Tibet- a land steeped in mysticism and the awe-inspiring magnificence of the Himalayas.
  •  Gain proper insights into Tibetan culture and traditions.
  •  Get a chance to perform puja and offer prayer

Outline Itinerary of Kailash Tour

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing

Day 3: Kathmandu – Lhasa

Day 4: Lhasa Sightseeing

Day 5: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse

Day 6: Shigaste – Saga

Day 7: Saga - Paryang – Manasarovar

Day 8: Exploration of Lake Manasarovar drive to Darchen

Day 9: Darchen to Deraphuk(Kailash Parikrama)

Day 10: Deraphuk to Zuthulpuk (Kailash Parikrama)

Day 11: Zuthulpuk to Darchen(Kailash Parikrama) and Drive to Saga

Day 12: Drive back to Shigatse. Overnight at Hotel

Day 13: Drive to Lhasa. Overnight at Hotel

Day 14: Fly back to Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel

Day 15: Departure Day

Note: The itinerary can be tailored according to travellers’ interests and preferences. Whether opt for the Kailash Tour Via Everest Base Camp or Lucknow to Kailash to Kathmandu, depends upon the traveller’s valuable time and interest.


Expand AllCollapse All
Day 1:Arrival in Kathmandu (1300 m) transfer to hotel and overnight

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our team members at Tribhuvan International Airport. A short drive through the bustling streets in the capital city takes you to the hotel. Then, take a rest and later explore nearby areas. In the evening, you will get a briefing about the Kailash Tour. Overnight at Hotel, Kathmandu.

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsDinner
  • Maximum Altitude1300m

Venture into a sightseeing tour of Kathmandu's ancient temples and heritage sites. Firstly, make your way to Pashupatinath Temple, a sacred Hindu shrine of Lord Shiva, renowned for its ravelled architecture and rituals. Feel the serene ambience as you undertake the tour to Boudhanath Stupa, one of the largest stupas in Nepal famous for its unique shape and whitewashed dome, and Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the Monkey Temple, offering sweeping vistas of the Kathmandu valley. For centuries, the stupa has represented enduring faith and unity, combining Hindu temples and divinity into its Buddhist areas.

Later in the day, get a detailed briefing about the Kailash Pilgrimage Tour where our experienced guides will provide detailed information. If you have any queries, get acquainted with them and acquire more knowledge about the trip. Overnight at Hotel, Kathmandu

Kathmandu sightseeing

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude1300m

The journey takes place today and commences with a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa, Tibet. Enjoy a mesmerizing flight over the majestic high Himalayan peaks including stunning Mt. Everest, Mt. Cho oyu, Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Lhotse and more. Later we will reach Gonggar International Airport, Lhasa meet our representatives and they will transfer to the hotel. Spend your remaining day relaxing and sightseeing around the city. Overnight at Hotel. Lhasa

lhasa Airports

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude3750m

The fourth day is set for the exploration of the beautiful landmarks – Lhasa the capital city of Tibet. Lhasa is home to several centuries of monasteries, palaces and pilgrimage sites it is popularly known as the “city of sunshine”. Explore distinct cultural antique and historical sites in Lhasa which are still steeped in profound religious significance.

Visit the Jokhang Temple - revered as the most important pilgrimage site of Tibet, captivates travel enthusiasts with its ancient rituals, charming architecture, and elegant artwork. Explore Barkhor Street famous in Lhasa City, soak into the local culture, traditions and histories as well as get insights about local economy, religion and art while roaming around. Head to Sera Monastery another of the great three Gelug monasteries of Tibet. Witness to the teachings of numerous excellent Gelug monks, forming the course of Tibetan religious and cognitive history.

Later make your way to the most famous palace of Lhasa – Potala Palace – the winter palace of the Dalai lamas. This complex offers a magnificent vista of Lhasa, integrated with the spectacular scenery of the surrounding mountains. Unveil the lives and stories of the Dalai Lamas through history within the palace, and the marvellous treasures it holds. After a great exploration and gaining proper insights, you’ll head back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Potala Place

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude3750m

Be ready for a spectacular drive on the most beautiful roads to Shigatse. Capture the amazing sights as the drive takes you immediately in a higher altitude of 4974m the Kamba La Pass. The next stop will be at Yamdrok Lake – the four largest holy lakes in Tibet renowned for its coral-coloured lake and serene ambience with the surrounding backdrop of mountains. A visit to Yamdrok Tso Lake is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

After enjoying the heavenly wonders of nature, the journey will head towards Gyantse. There, you can witness the Korola Glacier. In Gyantse, explore the monasteries and stupas. Later reaching Shigatse, explore the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery built greatly by the first Dalai Lama in 1447. Overnight at Hotel, Shigatse.

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude3845m

Continuing our Kailash Trip with an exploration of the Tibetan terrain, traversing through Saga, and navigating numerous rivers along the way. Departing from Shigatse, the route takes you by way of the Xiabu Qu River toward Liuxiang.

Crossing the Yarlung Zangbo River, you’ll arrive at the shores of Lang Co Lake. Moving forward to Sangsangzhen, the journey follows the twists and turns of the Doxung Zangbo River, eventually arriving at Saga after crossing it multiple times. Overnight at guesthouse, Saga.

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude4640m

Finally, the awaited day has come as the journey will head to the sacred Lake Mansarovar. Have a delicious breakfast and continue the scenic drive to Paryang crossing the high Mayumla Pass (4900m) and wide pastures. Along the way, stop at Horchu River where the permits will be checked.

The journey to Manasarovar is another two hours long from here. On reaching marvel at the serene ambience of Mansarovar Lake with the surrounding astonishing sights of Mount Kailash and many others. The sacred dip and pooja can be performed either today or tomorrow, depending on your arrival time and, of course, weather conditions, which are most important. The final decision will be reached through mutual discussion among the guide, group manager, and tour leader. Overnight at guesthouse.

Manasarrovar Lake

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude4590m

Wake up early and get ready to explore one of the amazing destinations Lake Mansarovar very closely. Exploring Mansarovar Lake offers not just a journey into stunning natural beauty but also a deep dive into the rich tapestry of human spirituality and cultural heritage. Upon arriving at the lake of compassion, tranquillity and bliss get ready to take a dip bath in Mansarovar Lake, believed to wash away sins and bring good fortune. Do Puja, Havan and rituals near the bank of the lake. Also, resonate with your body with meditation in the tranquil surroundings of heavenly wonders.

Later, enjoy a meal and make a journey to Darchen – the base of Mount Kailash. Marvel at the mesmerizing sights of Rakshas Taal (Demon’s Lake) on the other side of Mansarovar Lake. Make a stop at the noteworthy location and get historical stories about this lake. Capture the amazing sights of a lake surrounded by majestic peaks. After that, arrive at Darchen for an overnight at Guesthouse

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude4670m

An exciting and adventurous day comes today – the first day of Kailash Parikrama circumambulating around Mt. Kailash in a clockwise direction. Start ascending through the rugged Himalayan landscape and towards the hamlet of Deraphuk. The journey begins with Yamadwar and covers a total of 15 kilometres. Traverse along the beautiful rocky cliffs and soothing waterfalls. Relishing on the incredible Himalayan views of Mt. Kailash (6,638m), continue the journey to Deraphuk which ends our first day of Kailash Parikrama. Overnight at Lodges, Deraphuk.

Kailash Prikrama

  • Accommodation Guest House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude5210m

On the second day of the Kailash Parikrama journey, embark on a 19-kilometer trek, enduring the intimidating Dolma La Pass elevated at 5660 meters. This Himalayan pass presents a daunting challenge amidst the rugged wilderness of the Himalayas. Along the way, make a stop to witness the stunning Gauri Kunda and magnificent Ganesh Kunda. Walking through the snowy track, ascend towards the summit of Dolma La (5660m), before descending to the tranquil Zuthrul Phug Monastery where you’ll rest for the night. After completing the hardest and most important day of the Kailash Tour, take your time and rest for the next exciting journey.

  • Accommodation Guest House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude5630m

The final day for Kailash Parikrama or Kailash Kora is around the divine Mt. Kailash. Today, the journey leads you back to Darchen, encircling the stupendous Mt. Kailash (6638m). Crossing through Chongdo, the adventure of the Kailash Pilgrimage Tour comes to an end at the starting point, Darchen, before continuing towards Saga after completing all the sacred rituals. Along the way, make a stop briefly at Lake Mansarovar to pay homage and soothe by the inhaling tranquillity. Overnight at Guesthouse, Darchen.

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude4640m

Hop on a scenic drive back to Shigstase retracing the same path. Enjoy the journey throughout with glimpses of Himalayan scenery and rugged landscape. Upon reaching, rest on a hotel at Shigatse.

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude3845m

Enjoy breakfast in the early morning and make your way back to the famous city of Lhasa. The drive will pass through Tarlung Tsangpo River, the mother river of the Tibetan people. Later, you’ll be dropped off at a hotel in Lhasa. Enjoy your leisure period by exploring around or having a rest. Overnight at Hotel, Lhasa.

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude3750m

Today, you’ll be transferred to the Lhasa airport for a flight back to Kathmandu. Upon arrival at Kathmandu, you’ll be picked up and transferred to your hotel. Overnight in Kathmandu.

  • Accommodation Hotel
  • MealsDinner
  • Maximum Altitude1300m

The Kailash Tour has finally come to an end. Undoubtedly, the journey to Mount Kailash sets an amazing impression on our visitors for a lifetime! You’ll be transferred to Tribhuvan International Airport to go back to your hometown. Hope this journey provides new meanings in life. See you soon for the next adventure!

  • MealsBreakfast,

Cost Details

  •  Kathmandu arrival and departure arrangement
  •  Tibet travel permit and visa
  •  Lhasa Air ticket
  •  Sightseeing in Tibet and Nepal
  •  Tibet Tourism Board (TTB) approved English-speaking Tibetan guide
  •  English-speaking Nepali guide
  •  All private and comfortable ground transportation during the trip
  •  Accommodation during the trip
  •  All meals during the trip (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  •  One Jackets, one Cap, one duffle bag & one shoulder bag
  •  Supporting crew (Cook, Sherpas)
  •  All applicable taxes & service charges
  •  Oxygen for emergency use, First Aid kit
  •  International Flights
  •  Yak / Pony Charges during the Parikrama.
  •  All personal expenses
  •  Any additional expenses caused by reasons beyond our control such as natural calamities, flight delays, rescheduling or cancellations, accidents, etc.
  •  Tips to guide, helpers, drivers, and hotel staff.
  •  Extra days stay at Kathmandu / any other place.

Dates & Availability

Dates StatusPrice 
Start DateStart: May 27, 2024End DateEnd: June 10, 2024StatusAvailable PriceUS$2500

Useful Info

Difficulty Level of Kailash Tour

If you’re planning for the sacred tour of Kailash Mansarovar with your friends and family, it’s great to research the tour completely. However, many pilgrims are confused to book this life-changing trip or not because of its difficulty level. Now, this information will help you to make decisions wisely.

The Kailash journey is one of the most challenging and strenuous journeys in the autonomous region of China,Tibet. Undoubtedly, the Kailash Mansarovar Tour is a journey of a lifetime! However, the journey includes three days of expedition encircling the divine Mount Kailash – a main demanding walk-in rugged wilderness Himalayan Region. Otherwise, the journey is fully drive-through. Before embarking on this pilgrimage tour to Kailash, make sure to be physically and mentally fit because the difficulties may arise due to many factors such as weather patterns, lack of modern amenities, challenging landscape, and the elevated altitude heightening the vulnerability to altitude sickness.

Despite hurdles, every year, thousands undertake the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra successfully, experiencing minimal issues. With adequate preparation and knowledge, you can guarantee a safe travel on this memorable journey.

Best time to do Kailash Yatra

Usually, the best time to do the Kailash Mansarovar Tour is between June and September, however, the peak season falls during July and August. These months offer perfect weather conditions, sunny days, longer daylight hours, and crystal-clear sky making it the supreme time to undertake the religious tour.

Nevertheless, during July and August, there's a chance of experiencing unfavourable weather conditions such as rainfall and landslides, which can add an extra layer of challenge to the journey. Despite this, the experience is captivating as you see the magnificent beauty of the Tibetan landscape, with its luxuriant green meadows and stunning snow-capped mountains.

In September, after the rainfall, the skies clear up, granting great visibility, although the weather is likely to be cooler and the days shorter. however, this time presents an exceptional opportunity to delve deeper into the magnificence of Mount Kailash. It's crucial to prepare for colder temperatures by carrying warmer clothes during this period.

From October to May, we strongly advise not to plan a tour due to unpredictable weather conditions and heavy snowfall, making the Kailash Mansarovar Journey unsuitable.

However, it's worth noting that above mentioned time and season are the optimal times for the pilgrimage tour to Kailash. Pilgrims have the flexibility to choose their preferred dates. To avoid the crowds typically present during full moon dates, we recommend selecting regular departures. Additionally, for larger groups, we offer flexibility with departure dates. Don't have a group? No worries! You can choose your preferred date and join our fixed departures organized by our company.

Essential Permit for Kailash Tour

Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar Tour takes you to Tibet, the beautiful landmarks of China situated in the autonomous region. However, the pilgrims planning for the Kailash trip require a Chinese visa and a Tibet Travel Permit. All of the necessary permits can be organized by the agency you are relying on. Look out for the listing of permits required to travel in Tibet:

Tibet Travel Permit

  • Alien’s Travel Permit
  • Military Permit
  • Foreign Affairs Permit
  • Inner Line Permit

If you are planning to enter Tibet from China, you need to obtain a Chinese visa by applying to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country of residence. If you are planning your journey to Mount Kailash from Nepal, you need to apply for a Group Visa from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. However, all those will be arranged by the company in Nepal. There wouldn’t be any sort of problems with obtaining visas and permits.

Additionally, Indian citizens should obtain a Chinese Visa and Tibet Travel Permit for the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR).

Accommodation during the Kailash Tour

Mostly, the pilgrims are concerned about whether the accommodation during the Kailash Tour is well managed or not. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the topic everyone is willing to know. Generally, the Mt. Kailash Tour commences from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu – travellers opt for comfortable 4-star hotels or guesthouses furnished with modern conveniences, which guarantee an amusing beginning to their journey.

Generally, lower altitudes provide amenities like bathrooms, Wi-Fi access, and qualitative dining options. However, as altitude gets higher in remote, rough terrain, accommodation options become scarcer. In such higher-elevated regions, guesthouses or teahouses along trekking routes offer basic facilities of twin-sharing rooms, comfy beds and important furniture for a comfortable overnight stay.

En route to Tibet, simple yet comfortable lodgings are available in towns. During the Kailash Parikrama, travellers stop at guesthouses or teahouses along the path, providing an authentic absorption into Tibetan culture and traditions.

In Zuthulpuk and Dirapuk, guesthouses provide great comforts for a peaceful night's rest after an exhausting walk of 6-7 hours. Throughout the Kailash trip, our carefully selected accommodations prioritize comfort while fulfilling the cultural and natural splendour of the region, drawing a pilgrimage that is memorable and spiritually enhancing.

Foods During Kailash Tour

We carefully planned the Kailash Tour ensuring dietary preferences, restrictions and special requirements which will be suitable for every traveler around the world. During the Kailash Mansarovar Tour, vegetarian food will be served combining Indian and other foods as well. In Kathmandu, your accommodations will include delicious breakfast options to commence the beautiful day. En route to Tibet, you’ll be served three meals a day including a varied taste of Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, Nepali and Western cuisines. During the Kailash Parikrama of three days, you will be served three meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) likewise, and all the foods will be cooked by our chef to maintain hygiene level. Here’s detailed information about foods during My. Kailash trip:

In Breakfast:

  •  Fresh fruits (apples, bananas, oranges, etc.)
  •  Eggs (boiled, scrambled, or omelettes) with toast or chapatis
  •  Bread, butter, and jam
  •  Tibetan bread or chapatis with vegetable curry
  •  Breakfast cereals with milk or yoghurt
  •  Vegetable or cheese sandwiches
  •  Tea, coffee, or hot chocolate
  •  Herbal teas (ginger, lemon, mint, etc.)


  •  Sandwiches with various fillings (cheese, vegetables, cold cuts)
  •  Rolls with salads and protein (chicken, paneer)
  •  Fresh fruits (grapes, apples, oranges)
  •  Energy bars and granola bars
  •  Boiled eggs or egg salad
  •  Energy drinks or electrolyte beverages
  •  Fruit juices or bottled water


  •  Vegetable curry with rice or naan
  •  Dal (lentil soup) with rice or chapatis
  •  Noodles or pasta with vegetables or meat
  •  Tibetan dumplings (Momos) with dipping sauce
  •  Thukpa with vegetables or meat
  •  Fried rice or fried noodles
  •  Paneer or tofu dishes
  •  Seasonal vegetable salads
  •  Sautéed mushrooms or greens
  •  Desserts (fruit salad, sweet rice, or local sweets)

Physical Readiness for the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra

Embarking on the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra appeals to meticulous physical and mental readiness due to its numerous challenges and thrilling adventures. Generally spanning 6-7 hours of walking, this journey entails vigorous stamina and resilience. However, pilgrims should have to prepare themselves to tackle the challenges that arise on the highly elevated Himalayan Terrain for this remarkable expedition.

The Kailash tour can be completed successfully if the pilgrims prepare themselves before 3 months. Focus on such exercises as: cardiovascular exercises, leg strengthening, hiking long hours, jogging, swimming and extracurricular activities. Make time for yoga and meditation which improve your flexibility, balance, and mental focus. Carry a heavy backpack and hike for some hours nearest your area. Engage in some activities like; running, cycling swimming etc. These activities will help you to reach the desired destination and return with an amazing lifetime experience.

Travel Insurance

Kailash Yatra is full of adventure and along the way, your journey gets exciting and a bit challenging. With these great adventures and challenges come probable risk factors such as altitude sickness, other unexpected events, unpredictable weather conditions, etc.

The risks involved during trekking are unforeseen, so it’s better to have travel insurance ready before booking the tour. All the visitors are required to provide a copy of their complete travel insurance policy to Eternal Himalaya. Crafted to address the distinct demands of this holy expedition, it will protect against, medical crises, and unexpected occurrences. Ensure your safety and tranquillity are a top priority as you immerse in the spiritual wonders that the Mount Kailash Tour has to offer.

Packing List for Kailash Mountain Tour

Travel Documents

  • Valid Passport
  • Nepal Visa
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Travel Insurance
  • Chinese Visa
  • Tibet Travel Permit
  • Kailash Mansarovar Entry Permit

Clothing Items


  • Winter hats or caps for sun protection
  • UV sun protection glasses
  • Headlamp with extra battery


  • Lightweight gloves
  • Heatproof gloves or mittens for cold


  • Long-sleeve moisture-wicking tops
  • Thermal layers for warmth
  • Fleece or down jackets for covering
  • Insulated pants for cold weather
  • Waterproof and windproof jackets with head covering
  • Water-resistant pants or joggers
  • Quick-drying trekking pants (adjustable preferred)
  • Lightweight shorts for warmer days
  • Moisture-wicking underwear
  • Thermal undergarments for added warmth
  • Sports Bra (for women)


  • Warm thick socks
  • Lightweight shoes/scandals
  • Comfortable Trekking Boots

Trekking gear and Equipment

  • Trekking poles for stability
  • Backpack
  • Day pack for basics
  • Duffle bag (will be provided by the company)
  • Rain covers for your bags and packs
  • Thermal water bottle
  • Crampons
  • Large plastic bags and stuff sacks
  • Face Masks

First Aid Kit and Medicines

  • Antibiotics
  • Painkillers
  • Cough Lozenges
  • Plasters, Bandages & Zinc Oxide Tape
  • Foot Powder
  • Skin-blister repair kit
  • Antidiarrheal
  • Altitude sickness drugs (only with prescription)
  • Water purification tablets or water filters
  • Earplugs
  • Sunscreen Cream
  • Lip Balm
  • Insect Repellent
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Wet Wipes/Baby Wipes
  • Snacks, lightweight, high calorie (optional)

Toiletries Items

  • Quick-dry towels
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Biodegradable bar soap
  • Deodorant
  • Nail clippers
  • Small mirror
  • Toilet papers
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Pads or Menstrual cups for women
  • Shaving cream and razors for men


  • Q1. Who will accompany me on my journey to Kailash?

    Throughout the journey, you’ll be accompanied by experienced Nepali and Tibetan guides. While the Nepali guides manages to do all the paperwork from Nepal to Tibet and from arranging foods and accommodations to comfort our valued clients in any ways. In other Hand, Tibetan guides manage all the paperwork, speak local Tibetan language and maintain coordination with yak and horse broker.

  •  The authorities in Tibet obtrude varied prices for Indian nationals and non-Indian nationals especially those who are on Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Generally, for Indian nationals, the price ranges from $2000 to $4000 while for non-Indian nationals the price ranges from $3000 to $5000. Various factors will affect the price of a Kailash Tour: the route you travel, the number of people in a group, travelling season, means of transportation, accommodations and food services

  • Water in Tibet is not safe and clean so, the team will provide mineral water bottles along the journey.

  • First and foremost, Mt. Kailash takes on an ethereal aura during a full moon night. It's believed that taking a dip in the sacred waters of Lake Mansarovar during this time exonerates one of all sins from the past and present hundred lives, successfully reviving the soul within the same physical form. Ancient Vedic astrology holds that the full moon releases strong and edifying heavenly energies. Thus, individuals venture to journey to Kailash during this lunar phase, seeking to immerse themselves in the profound spiritual atmosphere reverberating throughout the natural expanse of Kailash and Mansarovar Lake.

  • Of course, you can fix your own departure dates for any size of your group. However, the cost may be higher if you have small group size

  • Yes, internet connectivity is fairly good during the low altitude of the region. As you ascend to a higher altitude there is no possibility of internet mainly in Kailash Parikrama. While in Tibet, you can purchase a local SIM card and use it anywhere. And the electricity facility is available throughout the journey. But it is highly recommended to bring a portable charger while trekking it must be essential

  • Travellers should have to apply for group tourist visas through the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. Eternal Himalaya will help you to arrange the necessary documents for your Chinese visa as well as your Tibet Travel Permit when you book your Kailash Mansarovar trip with us

  • In Hindu tradition, ascending Mount Kailash is deemed disrespectful, as it undermines the mountain's sanctity and disrupts the revered presence believed Lord Shiva dwells there.