Another landlocked country in South Asia, Bhutan is bordered by Tibet in the north and India in the west, east and south. The least populous country in entire South Asia, Bhutan is also known as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon". The capital of Bhutan is Thimpu and is also the country's largest city. Furthermore, Bhutan has never been colonized, and the country is strategically situated on the Silk Road between Tibet and India. Buddhism is the official religion of Bhutan and the country has been governed based on Buddhist theology since ancient times.

Such great distribution of religious destinations in the country aids in exciting tours. Similarly, hikes and treks are also prominent methods of exploring Bhutan. Chomolhari Trek is one of the most famous and illustrious treks in the entire country.

Granting insights into both the religious and spiritual background of the country, travelling to Bhutan and these destinations offers lifelong experiences. Bhutan maintains a limited influx of tourists in the country to preserve the authenticity and cultural attributes of the destinations of primary interest. However, the hospitality offered by the Bhutanese is heart-warming. Travellers are guaranteed to experience the rituals and cultural practices while on their travel in Bhutan.

A country with unparalleled riches in terms of cultural and natural prosperity, Bhutan is a must-travel destination. Exploring Bhutan is more than just an adventure, it is a journey to the lands which have retained their ancient glory. The lifestyle and culture of the Bhutanese alone are alluring and unique enough to grant a different kind of travel experience.

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