Hiking in Nepal

Although Nepal is a small country, it is full of beautiful natural wonders and diverse cultures. Not only this, Nepal is home to some of the highest mountains in the world which shelter lush hills. Thus, hikes allow you to admire these natural beauties along with the cultural practices of the people in Nepal. So, Hiking in Nepal fulfils all the needs of the visitors and offers a memorable time.

Hiking in Nepal offers you a chance to enjoy its natural beauty and the sublime views of mountains and deep valleys. Hiking in Nepal also gives you a fair bit of idea about lifestyle, art, culture, and social norms.

Usually, Hiking is done under 3000 meters of altitude in hilly regions walking on well-made trails. Forests, protected areas, and religious sites are the main stops on the hikes. Similarly, the time duration of a hike may vary from one day hike to a week or more. In addition, hiking gear like boots and poles are also necessary on a hike.

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