Bungee Jumping in Pokhara is an adrenaline-pumping exciting activity bound to quench your thirst for adventure. Coupled with the wonderful terrain of Nepal, Bungee jumping becomes a rewarding experience. This Bungee spot in question is located at Hemja, just a short drive away from the beautiful city of Pokhara. Throughout all your preparation you will notice the Annapurna Range showing clear in the background.

The Bungee platform is suspended up a cliff and allows for an area for the jumper to plunge into the artificial pond around 20 feet deep. The platform sits 80m high, suspended up by a diagonal steel support tower from a 50m high cliff that runs off from the base of the river. The jumpers will then swoop down into the mini gorge and into a natural pool for a little dip, before being pulled back up into the air.

Eternal Himalaya will secure your booking for this busy on-demand location and will take care of all logistics and accommodation for the bungee jumping. For more information, feel free to contact us for the Pokhara Bungee.


  • Bungee jump close to Pokhara
  • Water touching jump with the view of lush hills, rivers and mountain range


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Day 1:Bungee Jumping In Pokhara

After completing the paperwork and formalities, you are ready for Bungee jump. The Bungee spot is about 30 minutes' drive away in the village of Hemja on the outskirts of the Pokhara city and valley. A representative will pick you up and take you to the Bungee spot. The height of the jump is 80 meters from the steel tower. On the spot, an instructor will explain the safety measures. Before you plunge in, you are strapped on to the gear, all that's left to do now is take the leap and feel that surge of adrenaline. After the bungee jump, we drive back to Pokhara

    Cost Details

    • All taxes and fees are included
    • Drive to and from the bungee spot
    • Bungee briefing and one Bungee jump
    • Transfer to lake side