Mardi Himal Trek is a concealed jewel situated at the Annapurna region of Nepal. The mesmerizing journey to Mardi Himal itself is famous for its tranquil route and breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas. The journey is also well known for its great Food and Accommodation options in Mardi Himal which gives comfort at every step filled with adventure.

Resting in the comfortable accommodation during the trek to Mardi Himal and relishing the majestic high snowcapped peaks from the window provides an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. The food you eat and the quality of your sleep are the main factors to determine whether trekkers attain the trip's desired goals.

The Food and Accommodation during Mardi Himal Trek are much more delectable and reliable at each teahouse or lodge which comforts you at a higher level and provides sustained energy to walk easily for around 4-5 hours every day. Alongside immerse yourself in the close majestic sights of Mt. Mahapuchhre, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Huichuli, Mardi Himal and many more.

Get more details about Mardi Himal Trek Foods and Accommodations throughout this blog.

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Accommodations offered during the Mardi Himal Trek

Every trekker's main question that the accommodation services in the Himalayan region are comfortable or not. Here we are advising that Accommodation in Mardi Himal Trek based on adventurer interest is budget. Not luxurious as much as in cities but have ample amenities offered in many Teahouses. The amenities will get more at lower altitudes but as you ascend to higher altitudes the services will decrease because of the remote areas. The additional cost may be applied for hot showers, Wi-Fi services and others in different accommodations on the Mardi Himal Trek. Look out for the listings of different types of Accommodation services during Mardi Trek you’ll get.

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Teahouses on Mardi Himal Trek

The most famous accommodations you’ll encounter on this Mardi Himal Trek are Teahouses which offer basic facilities to our clients. The comfy beds and warm blankets will be provided to rest after a great exhausting walk. To intensify your comfort and stay warm, bring your own sleeping bag. Mostly the teahouses offer a twin-sharing room with a shared bathroom but there you’ll opt to book the twin-sharing room with an attached bathroom at an additional cost. For additional amenities such as hot showers, Wi-Fi, and electricity, trekkers have to pay an extra cost.

Camping on Mardi Himal Trek

If you choose to accommodate on more adventurous place, then Camping is the ideal option. It will be tougher than other Mardi Himal Accommodations, prepare the camping gear by yourself or get other options to hire in Kathmandu. Planning should be properly made before starting the trip for a better experience. The Camping experience would be amazing for a lifetime!


Homestays can be available in certain villages at the time, you’ll get a chance to accommodate in a Nepalese home. It will be a unique experience to indulge in the culture, traditions and lifestyles of inhabitants during Mardi Himal accommodations. The room will be comfortable along with a shared bathroom available.

Note: If you are planning to travel in peak seasons, then booking should be made before 4-5 days to get those basic facilities also. Otherwise, there is no chance of getting a bed and having to spend a night in the dining hall.

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Accommodation Tips during Mardi Himal Trek

  • Carry a portable charger because some teahouses offer electricity for a limited time.
  • Respect the unique cultures and traditions of locals during your stay at different teahouses.
  • Bring your own sleeping bag to get warmth and comfy nights.
  • Bring your own trekking poles if not then you can rent them in Kathmandu.
  • Make sure to carry toiletry items for your comfort zone.
  • Pack your bag with warm clothes and comfy hiking boots.
  • Carry cash if there are no ATMs along the route.

Foods offered during Mardi Himal Trek

During this Mardi Himal Adventure, the body requires proper nutritious foods which energize you to walk further to the desired Destination. In Mardi Himal Trek variety food will be served on the preference of clients. Mostly trekkers get to taste typical Nepalese food and also there is an option to choose western cuisines as well. In addition, buy some snacks along the trail because, in the upper region, the chances will be low so pack it for a long time. Look out on the listing how the meal is served during Mardi Himal Trek;


The first meal breakfast is served around 7 am to get ready for the trek which starts at 8 am. For a strenuous walk, the food will be healthy and full of nutritive which enhances your power before another meal. Capture a glimpse of mountain ranges and enjoy the delicious breakfast in all the places. The menu offers a different option such as; eggs, porridge, soup, pancakes, bread, and chapatti along with drink varieties such as; juice, tea and coffee. These options can be specially made to suit everyone's tastes.

Lunch and Dinner

As most of the trekking region offers the same kind of cuisines. In the case of Lunch and Dinner in Mardi Himal Trek, there you’ll get a variety of mouth-watering cuisines to fill your stomach.
After having breakfast, the walk will be quite more than 2-3 hours and have to refill it with proper cuisines. Generally, the tea houses along the trail provide similar menus for both lunch and dinner.

In the context of Nepal – Dal Bhaat is the main course of lunch and is known as the National cuisine. So, all trekkers try it once and have a great impression of this taste. Nepalese Dal Bhat provides a wealthy abundance of essential vitamins, fibre, and nutrients, helping revitalise the body with energy. It’s a heavenly meal for the adventure. If trekkers don’t prefer taste there is an option for Western cuisines such as; Pasta, Noodles, Mo: Mo, pizza, burgers and many others.

Note: Garlic Soup proves to be excellent for relieving altitude sickness. If occurred symptoms of altitude sickness make sure to drink it once.

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Drinks offered during Mardi Himal Trek

Water is the measure in this journey of Mardi Himal to stay hydrated and energize your body all the time. Everywhere drinking water will not be available at a time so bring a reusable water bottle to fill it from a tap or river. Although it is not safe without purification tablets so make sure to bring it as well. Some teahouses sell mineral water bottles which are safe to drink.

In sorts of drinks offered in Mardi Himal Trek, trekkers get a variety of drinks to taste such as; Hot drinks - Black tea, Milk tea, Hot milk, Masala tea, Hot lemon, green tea, Black coffee, Milk coffee, Ginger tea, Ginger lemon tea, Ginger lemon honey etc. and Cold Drinks: Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite and alcohol also.

Note: Alcohol consumption on higher altitudes can be risky so make sure to avoid it as you take an ascend.

Food Tips during Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek

  • Stay hydrated by drinking enough water.
  • Choose vegetarian meals, especially at higher elevations.
  • Buy your own snacks, such as energy bars, nuts, and dried fruits, for more nutrition and power.
  • Devour high-calorie meals to refill energy during Mardi trekking.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine, as they can contribute to dehydration and lead to altitude sickness.
  • ·Bring water purification tablets to guarantee safe drinking water.

Price of Foods, Accommodations and Drinks During Mardi Himal Trek


Foods on Mardi Himal Trek varied from different locations and altitudes where trekkers at. Normally, the breakfast is priced for $3 to $7. About Lunch and Dinner, for Dal Bhat the price ranges between $3 to $ 8 and for Western cuisines, the prices range between $ 4 to $9.


Accommodation expenses range depending on the types of accommodations and the altitude gained throughout the journey. If trekkers choose to stay in teahouses, then the cost ranges from $5 to $10 per night. If trekkers prefer to camp along the trail the cost for a camping spot starts from $4 to $8 per night. And for Homestay, the cost ranges between $4-$8 per night. The price may vary depending on the peak season and at higher altitudes. The above-mentioned price will not remain fixed for every time, it may fluctuate due to various reasons.


Mineral water prices can differ, generally around $2 to $3 at higher altitudes, but tend to be lower at lower elevations. A cup of coffee or tea generally ranges from $1 to $3, though prices may differ depending on the destination. Opting for a reusable bottle and water purifying tablets is an intelligent strategy for saving money.

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Snacks along the Mardi Himal Trail

Normally, the day hike ends by 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. In Between, it's great to enjoy a light snack since dinner won't be served for some more hours. You can eat whatever you've brought ahead, or instead, you can request the teahouse staff to prepare some instant noodles.

Snacks will be available at a lower altitude so; you can buy them according to your choices as they will be not available at higher altitudes. Fill your bag as much as you want to enjoy it along the trekking route. Choose wisely which revitalizes your energy to speed up further to the desired destination such as; cup noodles, energy bars, chocolate bars, energy drinks, biscuits, etc.

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The Mardi Himal Trek presents trekkers with an exceptional chance to soak themselves in the warm hospitality of inhabitant communities, marvel at the magnificent Himalayan vistas and taste the authentic flavours of regional cuisine. All through the journey, teahouses proffer comfortable accommodations, and guarantee trekkers to relish a congenial night. Meantime, the array of food options accessible serves a varied range of tastes and preferences, enhancing the trekking experience with culinary charms.

Come join us! The Eternal Himalaya Team are here to welcome you with open hearts and promises to impress with every qualitative service that will long forever.



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