Godavari Mountain Cycling is one of the special packages our company. Nepal is a country full of rugged hilly terrain thanks to a mind-boggling variation in the country’s geography. The many old roads that run on the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley, consist of dirt and run up and down through these dense hilly forests. Once were the routes of passage for locals from one village to another through the hills, now make for wonderful cycling trails. These mountain cycling trails are adventurous and entertaining in equal measure.

Speaking strictly of Godavari Mountain cycling the trails have an exciting variety. The trails around Kathmandu appeal to bikers of every skill level from beginners to veterans, and your routes and exploration destinations can be tailored accordingly. The trails do have steep inclines, and intense downhill sections and sometimes lead through tight switchbacks, which are perfect for experienced riders. However, most of the main trail runs through level tracks where you glide between the dense foliage and wildflowers and the many traditional villages and their red mud and stone slab roads, and between terraced farmlands. The routes will be a contrasting variation of exploring the busy cities and then moving to the serene outskirts to take in the fresh air. All this can be done with outstanding views of the surrounding valley and hills, and sometimes, distant views of the mountain ranges. The cycling will usually begin or take you to popular destinations around the valley, such as the hill station towns of Kakani, Nagarkot, or Dhulikhel, and also through cultural centers such as the Patan Durbar Square and Thamel.

At Eternal Himalaya, we make sure that you can choose any of the packages offered depending on your skill, availability, and preference. You will be guided along the trails with some of the finest cycling guides well-versed in the secrets of the trails. For further information, feel free to contact us.


  • Enjoy cycling through lush vegetation along hills of Nepal not too far away from the capital city
  • Enjoy beautiful sunrise and sunset view from hills stations
  • Cycle along a variety of cycling tracks


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Day 1:Kathmandu-Lele-Godavari [30km] |6-7 Hrs

Lele is a beautiful village that lies at the end of Lalitpur District. We begin early in the morning, pedaling from Kathmandu through Lalitpur into the village of Lele. The village has Tika Bhairab temple, an importance temple for the locals. After a short visit to the temple, we will head towards Godavari crossing over the small hills that divides Lele from Godavari. The elevated trail takes you through forested areas and makes for a wonderful scenery trial as we arrive at Godavari. Godavari is famous for the National Botanical Garden which is home to Nepal’s many flower and plant varieties. You will pass through this garden and enjoy the garden before settling down for the night. You will spend the night in Godavari. 

    The second day, we make our way back to Kathmandu. This time, we pass back through the historic city of Patan. Patan also hosts one of the three durbar squares that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is said that the durbar square in Patan though small has more architectural beauty as it was also known traditionally as the city of Artisans. Tour the various houses, temples, and palaces that maintain their unique architectural looks that date all the way back to the Malla period. Afterward, we make it through the tightly populated areas and back alleys into the main city road, that lead us back to our hotel in Kathmandu.