Welcome to our eternal himalaya! We take pride in being a tight-knit team of five passionate adventurers, dedicated to providing you with unforgettable trekking experiences. Each member brings a unique skill set and a deep love for the great outdoors, making us the perfect companions for your thrilling journeys.

Our team is composed of experienced trekking guides, outdoor enthusiasts, and nature experts, who ensure your safety and comfort throughout every expedition. From the moment you embark on your trek with us, you'll feel the warmth of our camaraderie and the shared excitement for exploration.

We are committed to preserving the natural beauty of the landscapes we encounter, promoting responsible trekking practices, and fostering a deep connection between travellers and the environment. Join our team for an exhilarating and soul-enriching trekking adventure of a lifetime!

  • Mr. Basu Dev Nepal

    Mr. Basu Dev Nepal

    Born and grown up in Dhading district near Kathmandu valley and base of famous mountain Ganesh himal and Ruby valley, he has spent more than 25 years in tourism industry. He started his career as a tourist guide cum cook in his young age and has grown up in his careers gradually up to the level of Director of one of the most reputed travel agency specialized in Kailash Trips. As a next step in his career, he has established a new company i.e. Eternal Himalaya Adventure Treks  under his leadership and in  partnership with others expreniced colleagues.  He is the Chairman of the Company.
  • MR. Ram Sharan Adhikari

    MR. Ram Sharan Adhikari

    Managing Director
    Mr Ram Sharan Adhikari is an exceptional individual with a passion for adventure and an unwavering commitment to the travel industry. He has carved a niche for himself as the Managing Director of Eternal Himalaya a prominent travel company renowned for its extraordinary expeditions and exhilarating experiences.Throughout his journey, Mr Adhikari has exemplified remarkable leadership, fostering a reputation of excellence and trust in the hearts of avid travellers and adventurers alike. Eternal Himalaya provides exceptional trekking experiences in Nepal’s majestic landscape as well as Tibet tours, Lhasa tours, Mount Kailash tours Bhutan tours, and city sightseeing. Additionally, we invite travellers to experience the beauty of Nepal Himalayas, cultural immersion, and memorable adventures. Eternal Himalaya offers high-altitude trekking, city tours, hiking, mountaineering, helicopter tours, mountain vistas, and cultural encounters to fulfil travellers’ dreams of inspection and the creation of lifetime memories. send us your feedback!
  • Mr. SB Ranabhat

    Mr. SB Ranabhat

    Director of Administration and Guest Relations
    Born and grown up in Pokhara, a very popular tourist destination in Nepal, he has spent more than two decades in service industry handling key roles for ensuring smooth operations and providing excellent customer services.  As a mature, experienced and responsible member, he handles the role of Director Administration and Guest Relations part of our teamwork.
  • Mr. Shiba Adhikari

    Mr. Shiba Adhikari

    Director of Sales and Marketing
    Born and grown up in Dhading district near Kathmandu valley and base of famous mountain Ganesh himal and Ruby valley, he has spent many years working along with the other colleagues in the tourism industry. His areas of experience include guest relation, general administration, physical security management, government liaison etc. He is one of the promoters and handles the role of Sales and Marketing Director.
  • MR. Bipin Nepal

    MR. Bipin Nepal

    Director of Operation
    Born and raised in Kathmandu, he is a graduate in Hospitality Management. He has already spent more than seven years in the tourism sector. His areas of experience include Trekking and Tour Operations. He is one of the promoters and handles the role of Director of Operations