Why Travel with Us

  • Quality Service

    Quality Service

    At Eternal Himalaya, quality is at the top of everything we offer. Our services to our clients are always prompt and of the finest order. The services that we offer vary according to the destination and trip package but the quality is sure to be excellent. This is because we value the satisfaction and comfort of our clients. Be it the transport vehicle, condition of the teahouse, or the trekking gear, we make ample preparations to have the best quality in all the facilities that we offer.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Competitive Pricing

    Travelers come to Nepal from far and wide. As such, they have different needs and expectations from us and the price of the trips are one of their major concerns. We, at Eternal Himalaya, aim to provide value for your money so that your experience in Nepal is not compromised. The prices of our trips in Nepal, Tibet, or Bhutan are reasonable and are set while maintaining a high standard of services on the trips.

  • Something for Everyone

    Something for Everyone

    At Eternal Himalaya, we design and operate a number of trips across Nepal. While trekking is the most popular one, we have numerous hiking, tour, peak climbing, and expedition options. Besides these, we also have adventure sports and jungle safari trips. All of these trip packages have special features of their own and vary on a number of factors. We have special offers on many of these trips. Additionally, our expert guides will help you during the trips to ensure you get the best experience.

  • Process Transparency

    Process Transparency

    The moment you query about any trip you are interested in, all our processes are transparent and can be easily tracked easily. All the processes that involve us and the clients like booking and payment are carried out in a way such that all the involved parties can determine the progress of the operations. Even processes like lodging, dining, and transportation are performed with consensus or with a fair procedure

  • No Hidden Costs/No Extra Charges

    No Hidden Costs/No Extra Charges

    In Nepal, there have been a few cases where travelers have had to unjustly pay for hidden costs. However, at Eternal Himalaya, we are fully aware and responsible to create a package that only requires travelers to pay only for the services that they make use of. We clearly state all the services that are included in the price of the trip on both the website and the Terms and Conditions.

  • Easy & Trustworthy Payment System

    Easy & Trustworthy Payment System

    All of the services that we provide hinge on their payment. So, payment is one of the most vital parts of any of our trips. Our payment system is easy to use and track. We either accept the payment in cash or via a bank transfer. The details regarding our bank and the payment methods are available at our website and are also stated on the Terms and Conditions.

  • Emergency & Rescue Support

    Emergency & Rescue Support

    There are numerous risks while traveling and, especially so, in the case of adventure sports and high altitude ventures. As such, we have ever-ready emergency and rescue support. This team is composed of experienced and licensed experts. We are in constant communication with the traveling team and the emergency team is immediately disposed of if a threat is confirmed. Besides, the guides and other staffs on the traveling team are also adept at handling emergency situations.