Mustang Region

Mustang Region, nestled in the northern central part of Nepal within the Himalayas, is beyond the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain ranges. The most impressive and exotic destination of Nepal is the Mustang region which is a peaceful and sparsely inhabited landscape as well as the glorifying scenery of the highest mountains like Nilgiri ((7061m), Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), and Annapurna ranges.

Stated as the “Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal” the country has protected the region from the ascendancy of the Western world since 1992. As the region gives the cultural vibrancy of the Tibetan Plateau, the region has a distinct personality that sets it aside from the rest of Nepal. However, the Mustang Region is into two parts i.e. amazingly breathtaking to explore – Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang.

Lying in a restricted zone the Mustang region has so many mesmerizing wonders to offer the travellers. Get a chance to indulge in the affluent tapestry of ancient culture, traditions, and festivals settled within the trans-Himalayan desert valley of Nepal. Venturing on a beautiful trek to the Mustang region is an eccentric concession, providing a captivating experience of the local culture, the warmth of its people, spirited festivals, and stunning panoramic Himalayas.

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