Dolpo region

Dolpo Region, stands as one of Nepal's most secluded areas, unveiling a plethora of Himalayan peaks, concealed landscapes, and remote rural communities. Trekking through the Dolpo region grants a unique experience, a world isolated from the eminent trekking destinations in Nepal like the Annapurna and Everest regions.

Lying in the Dolpa district in the Karnali zone, there are two parts to it i.e. Lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo. Upper Dolpo, a hidden and unfrequented region in Nepal, comprises the sweeping Dolpo Region, enclosing the Shey-Phoksundo National Park. This region is perched as the largest in Nepal, with the national park being the country's most extensive, making it an exceptional terminus for Himalayan treks.

Explore the Dolpo treks that take you past ancient monasteries embellished with treasures, observe yak trailer negotiating ancient salt trade routes to Tibet, navigate imposing passes where the rivers, adventure high passes, Shey-Gompa, and Phoksundo Lake, experience the evasive tracks of snow leopards and uncover stone-walled villages impeccably integrate with the rugged mountain slopes.

The top trekking routes in the Dolpo Region, present famous journeys such as Upper Dolpo Trek, Phoksundo Lake Trek, Lower Dolpo Trek, and Rara Lake Trek. Customized for avaricious Himalayan trekkers, these routes promise an amazing adventure.

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