We do not sell any information you provide to us on this website. The information that is given to us by our valued clients is not misused in any way or form. We assure you that the details of all information provided to us are safe and secure and are not used for any other purpose other than what it is intended for. No renting, selling or indulgence of such activities is conducted or condoned by Eternal Himalaya.

As such, priority is given to concise and succinct dealings for any queries that are expressed by our clients and customers with the no-spam policy in place. If more information is required, we do have a mailing list that customers or interested clients can join. However, our mailing list can also be requested by any of your friends with access to your e-mail- thus, denying information on such circumstances is liable by us. You can choose to be removed from our database and receive no further information.    

Likewise, the agency's subsistence is adjacent to eco-friendliness; we make sure that our involvement with the local surrounding does not result in any negative impact that might harm the natural resource or the cultural environs. We understand the importance of work ethics and implement our services to make sure that our clients are getting the best attributes without inflicting distress on said environments in terms of natural preservation and cultural perseverance.  

In like manner, we are aware of our clients do's and don'ts and make sure that the established ways are always in practice when in the trekking field. We are active in renewable resource usage and strictly prohibit the use of materials that can harm the environment. We do not condone littering and always practice sensibility when it comes to proper disposal of rubbish, both during and after trekking field journeys.   

What is the personally identifiable information collected by Eternal Himalaya?

Our clients and customers might have to provide us with their credentials, like Name, Address, E-mail and Phone Number on this site as per the necessity for further queries or booking trips with us. These credentials are required for registration for our services like the newsletter and e-mail correspondence about trips and any information required about our packages. The said information is not requested by us unless you make a query asking for information regarding any of our services or trip packages that we provide. This is taken as a means of identification and the providence of personally identifiable details.   

How is the information used?

The above-mentioned information is used only when you request our services and ask for answers to questions about our packages and trips. This information is used only to offer our services and provide information upon your request. Such critical information is never sold or used for any other purpose than what it is intended for, which is proving detailed specifics to your questions and for clearing any confusion that you present to us. Without your consent, this information is never revealed to any third party.  


Except for Eternal Himalaya, the personally identifiable information is not accessible by any other party. This information can only be accessed by the employees of the Eternal Himalaya who use it to work on the verification process and the preparation of different services of your choice and preference. Credit Card details or information on any other International Cards when you book a trip with us are not stored in the database of the Company.


If you wish, you can unsubscribe from receiving any e-mails from Eternal Himalaya at any given time. As said, we follow a strict no-spam policy and only exchange words upon your request to answer queries about any related topic of our agency and services.  


You have the freedom to change, update or correct the information you provided to us in the past as we are flexible in this regard. You may contact us via email at info@eternalhimalaya.com to do so.   

What anonymous information is collected on this site?

Anonymous click-stream information, such as date and time, pages viewed, browser type, and IP addresses, are collected from all visitors who visit our website. However, this information is not used to make associations between the user and his/her identity and there is no co-relation between click-stream information and the website visitor.

How is it used?

Such information is used only to generate reports of behavioural profiles that are necessary to develop engaging and relevant content for our website in the future. As stated, this information is not used to make an association between the user and his/her identity.

How does this site use cookies?

Cookies are used to store information regarding anonymous click-stream. They are also saved on the devices of regular viewers. Upon landing at the website's homepage, the website will ask for your permissions to be enabled and you can choose to either enable or disable cookies for our site.


The website of Eternal Himalaya may contain links to foreign sites. However, reading the privacy and disclaimer statements of those sites is encouraged, since they may differ from ours. We hold official affiliations with foreign sites.

E-mail Links

The use of the e-mail details, provided by the visitors, is used solely to contact them via e-mail. The action of contacting and e-mail correspondence is only done if the visitor makes inquiries about any service or trips that we offer.

Legal Disclaimer

Disclosure of personally identifiable information is viable only if required by the law. Such actions are only done to comply with the rule of law and to follow the legal procedures involving Eternal Himalaya.

Sensitive Information

Any information considered sensitive, like information regarding your race, religion, sexual preferences, criminal record, or health information, is only collected with your consent.


The use of identifiers set by other agencies or service providers to determine the identity of our visitors has abstained.

Privacy Legislation

Eternal Himalaya agrees and follows only the Privacy Amendments (Private Sector) Act of Nepal and practices the privacy principles that the Act introduces.