Experience the ultimate adventure while trekking to the most astonishing destinations: Everest Base Camp the base camp of the world’s tallest peak, Cho La Pass – a thrilling high mountain pass and Gokyo Lakes a tranquil lake. One of the most rewarding and challenging treks, Gokyo Cho La Pass with EBC Trek takes you to the foothills of spectacular lofty Himalayas, witness paradise on Earth, experience the famous Sherpa hospitality amid this delightful landscape, glorious rivers, chortens, and ancient monasteries. The ferocious Himalayas, including Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Ama Dablam, and Mt. Pumori, will embrace travellers with their magnificent Himalayan grandeur.

Nestled amidst the Everest/ Khumbu region, this EBC Trek with Gokyo Cho La Pass offers a beautiful amalgamation of untamed natural beauty, thrilling adventures, breathtaking landscapes, and the enriched cultures of Sherpa’s people. It’s a paradisal realm for every adventure seeker or travel enthusiast with a multitude of places to visit and unveil. The challenging trek encloses all the classic sights in the area, such as Namche Bazaar, Phakding, Tengboche Monastery, Gorak Shep, and Everest Base Camp, and features a visit to the Gokyo Lakes by crossing the high-altitude Cho La Pass (5,330m). Traversing through the charming villages, get to enjoy and immerse yourself into the traditional Sherpa culture, customs, and rituals.

With variable amazing scenery from lush aerial forests to upland glacial lakes and snowy covered landscape, this fascinating Gokyo Chola Pass trek via Everest Base Camp offers you divergent optical experiences undoubtedly. Most importantly, setting foot at the Base Camp of the world’s highest Mount Everest is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Enjoy this gorgeous, exhilarating adventure knowing that our knowledgeable, experienced porters and guides will be by your side at every turn. If you want to experience one at a time, We Eternal Himalaya offer stunning treks such as Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp,Manaslu Circuit,Mardi Himal and many more which take exceptional measures to guarantee that all of your trekking yearnings come true.

Moreover, if you’re searching for a strenuous adventure then this Gokyo Cho La Pass with Everest Base Camp Trek is the ideal trek for those seeking challenges and the natural world at the same time, which offers a high level of challenges alongside mesmerizing views. Despite its challenges and difficulty, the sense of accomplishment is worth whiling and also lets you feel the real haven as soon as you set foot on the base camp of Mt. Everest. To enjoy the actual thrill in the wilderness Himalayas, just join the Eternal Himalayas which can make you see the real world through binocular lenses of experience.

Table of Contents

Key points of Gokyo Cho La Pass with Everest Base Camp

  • Enjoy a scenic flight to the thrilling Lukla airport, from yawning valleys and green hills to the Himalayan region, the lap of the highest snow-capped grandeurs.
  • Cross the challenging high Cho La Pass at an elevation of 5420 meters.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich cultures, traditions and lifestyles of mountainous Sherpa people.
  • Stand right behind the world’s tallest Mount. Everest and marvel at the surrounding sights of Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Cho Oyu, and Mt Makalu.
  • Spectators the most astonishing sights of Khumbu glacier from the popular vantage point Kalapathar.
  • Traverse through the diverse landscapes, lush vegetation, moraines and the glacial lakes of the Himalayas.
  • Visit the most renowned and ancient Tengboche Monastery.
  • Discover the diverse flora and fauna while entering Sagarmatha National Park.
  • Get a glimpse of endangered wildlife species such as red pandas, snow leopards, marten, Himalayan tahr, and many more.
  • Experience the friendly nature of Sherpa people.
  • Unveil the hidden gem of the Everest region – Gokyo Valley and Gokyo Lake.

What Awaits You on the Gokyo Chola Pass Trek via Everest Base Camp?

Making your way to the extraordinary adventure Gokyo Chola Pass Trek via Everest Base Camp offers to visit spectacular destinations. It’s an adventure of a lifetime, offering a unique blend of magnificent natural beauty and rich cultural beauty. The opportunity to traverse the Chola Pass, a strenuous but worthwhile experience, is another key point of the EBC Trek with Gokyo Cho La Pass. Here’s a detailed look at what awaits you on this amazing trek.

EBC chola pass trek

Stunning Natural Scenery

The Everest Base Camp trek with Gokyo Cho La Pass is one of the most amazing treks in Nepal which lets travellers immerse in the natural world and be mesmerised by the astounding sights. The trek takes you to the base camp of the world’s highest peak where you can witness the spectacular sights of some highest peaks including Mt. Everest itself, Lhotse, Nuptse, and Makalu.

The trek lets you discover the dazzling aquamarine Gokyo Lakes, perfectly mirroring the surrounding snow-covered peaks. Lastly, the trek takes you across the Ngozumpa Glacier, one of the longest glaciers in the Himalayas, and experience the raw power of nature.

Difficult Landscape

As we all know the Gokyo Cho La Pass trek with Everest Base Camp is one of the challenging treks that requires a high level of physical and mental fitness. However, the treks include the thrilling mountain pass, Chola Pass. Challenge yourself to conquer this Cho La Pass at an altitude of 5,420 meters and after the sense of accomplishment, it is worth it. This high mountain pass offers panoramic views of the surrounding peaks but requires careful navigation and endurance due to its steep and icy sections.

Also, the Everest trekking trails take you through rocky paths, steep ascents, and descents, making the trek physically challenging yet gratifying. So, prepare yourself with some extra activities before planning the journey, making it easy to tackle any hurdles along the trail.

Deep Dive into Local Culture

Gokyo Cho La Pass via EBC Trek will lead to the charming settlements of Sherpa’s people where travellers get to interact with them and get proper insights about their cultures, traditions, customs and daily lifestyles in such a remote area. Amazingly, you can expect this trek will be a transformative journey for a lifetime. Indulging in their cultures and festivals adds more charm to your overall experience. Experience the warm hospitality, and welcoming nature of Sherpa peoples.

Likewise, along the way, travellers get to explore cultural wonders such as Tengboche Monastery and many other monasteries which provide complete insights into the spiritual life and traditions of the region. Feel the spiritual walk along some trails which include: prayer wheels, mani stones, and colourful flags- a cultural significance of the Everest region.

Mount Everest Base Camp

A bucket list dream of many travellers around the globe to set foot on the Base camp of Mt. Everest once in a lifetime. Gokyo and Chola Pass offer a stunning chance to visit EBC, making the trek worthwhile and a great combination for those adventure seekers willing to experience it all in one trip.

Everest Base Camp is a renowned destination in the world which offers the exhilarating sights of the gigantic Himalayas alongside the glorious Khumbu glacier. Standing at the base of the world’s highest peak provides a profound sense of accomplishment. Truly a rewarding journey for a lifetime! That is why this trek is increasing in popularity day by day.

Physical and Mental Tests

Embarking on this adventurous trek allows you to assess your mental and physical fitness variously so be prepared for the upcoming challenges along the trail. As the trek already is at a high altitude so, travellers need to be cautious about Altitude sickness risk, a major concern in the high elevated trek.  However, acclimatization, hydration and a proper healthy diet will help to prevent altitude sickness. And lastly, prepare for long days of trekking, often 6-8 hours per day, requiring good physical fitness and mental resilience. Gokyo Lake trek and Chola Pass trek are a testament to physical and mental fitness.

Weather and Seasons

Weather and seasons also impact the experience of the overall journey. So, if you’re planning for this Gokyo Lake Cho La Pass and Everest Base Camp trek, research the best time to trek in the Everest Region. During the best seasons, the experience trekkers are wishing will be offered because of clear skies and stable weather conditions. However, spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November)— are considered the right time to trek in the wilderness Himalayan region.  Moreover, be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions, especially at higher elevated terrain.

Gokyo Lakes

The most adventurous trek takes you to the astounding location of Nepal – Gokyo Lake following the high route pass of Cho La pass (5330m) into the Base Camp of Mount Everest. Unveil the hidden gem of the Khumbu region - the stunning Gokyo Lakes, a sequence of turquoise glacial lakes settled amidst the magnificent high Himalayas. Revel in the serenity of these pristine beautiful lakes and marvel at the surrounding sights of snow-capped peaks. It’s truly worth experiencing to witness and Walk alongside Ngozumba Glacier, the longest glacier in the Himalayas.

Unforgettable Memories

Throughout the admiring journey, create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's conquering challenging passes, interacting with fellow trekkers, or witnessing sunrise over the Himalayas, the Gokyo Chola Pass Trek via Everest Base Camp is sure to leave a lasting impression

EBC chola pass trek

 Gokyo Cho La Pass with Everest Base Camp Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 2: Kathmandu to Lukla (2,840m) by flight and start trek to Phakding | 35 minutes flight and 2-3 Hrs Trek

Day 3: Phakding to Namche Bazaar 3,440m | 5-6 Hrs Trek

Day 4: Namche Bazaar Acclimatization.

Day 5: Namche Bazaar to Dhole | 5-6 Hrs Trek

Day 6: Dhole to Machhermo | 6-7 Hrs Trek

Day 7: Machhermo rest for acclimatization

Day 8: Machhermo to Gokyo Lake | 6-7 Hrs Trek

Day 9: Gokyo Lake too early in the morning climb Gokyo Ri continue trek to Thagnak| 7-8 Hrs. Trek

Day 10: Cross Cho La pass and trek to Dzongla | 8-9 Hrs Trek

Day 11: Dzongla to Lobuche | 6-7 Hrs Trek

Day 12: Lobuche to Gorakshep after lunch continue to Everest base camp and overnight at Gorakshep| 8-9 Hrs Trek

Day 13: Gorakshep early in the morning hike to Kalapatthar, lunch at Lobuche and overnight at Pheriche | 6-7 Hrs Trek

Day 14: Pheriche to Namche Bazaar | 8-9 Hrs Trek

Day 15: Namche Bazaar to Lukla | 6-7 Hrs Trek

Day 16: Lukla to Kathmandu by flight| 35 minutes

Day 17: Free day in Kathmandu. Visit places of interest on your own.

Day 18: Transfer to the airport and fly back to home.

Difficulty level of Gokyo Cho La Pass with Everest Base Camp

The Gokyo Chola Pass Trekking with Everest Base Camp is one of the challenging treks in Nepal lets you sit in the thrilling destination in the renowned Khumbu region which requires a great level of physical fitness and prior trekking experience to succeed in the trek. Generally, this trek is not suggested for novice trekkers or those without prior trekking experience. However, the trek is in high altitude trekking experience should be beneficial in every step you take. Crossing the Chola Pass, which stands at an altitude of 5,420 meters is the second highest pass of the Three Passes trek – a difficult level throughout the trek. With adequate preparation for mental and physical health, it will be easier somehow to pass. Generally, the trek requires long days of walks around 6-7 hours and ascending to high altitudes, which can be difficult for some travelers. Altitude sickness is a major risk in high-altitude trekkers, so be aware of the symptoms and take necessary precautions as soon as possible.

Moreover, the Gokyo Cho La Pass Trekking via EBC includes a walk-in to a remote and rugged area which may be quite daunting, and every traveller should know about the potential lack of amenities and services. If you have prior trekking experience, are physically fit, and have a great level of stamina and power, the EBC with Gokyo and Cho La Pass trek can be an unforgettable experience. Never miss out on this stunning chance to explore beautiful landscapes, witness the natural beauty, and experience a sense of accomplishment from passing the challenging Chola Pass.

Lastly, make sure to consult with your doctor before embarking on a trek to EBC and Gokyo. If you want trouble trouble-free journey then, hire an experienced guide and porter for the trek for a safe and enjoyable voyage.

Optimal Season for the Everest Base Camp Chola Pass Gokyo Trek

 All travellers are wondering What time to trek in the Everest Region? Here, we provide information about the optimal season to embark on the Everest Base Camp Chola Pass Gokyo Trek. Generally, there are four seasons in Nepal among them some seasons are considered as the best time to trek in Nepal, Spring and Autumn seasons. During this time the weather is stable offering clear sky and clear vistas of the Himalayas.

Spring Season (March to May)

One of the ideal seasons to plan any trek in Nepal. The trekking trail is adorned with blooming rhododendron flowers, oak and pine as well, adding a charm to the trekking experience. The spring season offers the best time out of everything to witness the surreal scenery and walk in breathtaking landscapes. A clear sky, amazing landscape and the scenery of the Himalayas make the trip more special and enhance the overall trekking experience. However, there's a possibility of light rainfall towards late May. The daytime temperatures range from 5°C to 15°C (41°F to 59°F), while nighttime temperatures can drop up to -10°C (14°F). It's essential to pack appropriate trekking gear and clothing.

Autumn Season (September to November)

Another perfect time to trek in a highly elevated region is the Autumn Season. This season offers clear skys and very beautiful vistas of the entire Himalayas. This season is best from every perspective. The weather is just wonderful. However, this is the peak season for Everest trekking, the trail will be crowded with many tourists. Make sure if you’re embarking this time pre-booking of flights and tea houses could be necessary. As the season draws to a close, the forest's autumn foliage vanishes, and the leaves remain on the ground. The temperature in the time ranges from 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F), and nighttime temperatures drop up to -5°C (23°F).

Winter Season (December to February)

Winter season is also the best time to trek Everest Base Camp which offers magnificent views of snowcapped mountains and the surreal view of Khumbu glaciers. But the main difficulty during the seasons is that the weather conditions in high altitude regions will be cold and also have a chance of heavy snowfall. The trail will be blocked somewhere due to heavy rainfall. If you have the power to endure the chilling cold temperature then it would be the best time to get a thrilling experience for a long- During the winter season, daytime temperatures are around -5°C to 5°C (23°F to 41°F), while nighttime temperatures can decline to -20°C (-4°F). With proper planning and wearing warm clothes, the trek has been accomplished by numerous adventurers.

Summer/ Monsoon season (June to August)

The rainy season brings heavy rainfall and cloudy skies, making the Everest trekking trail muddy and slippery. During this season, the difficulty level will increase because of the trail conditions but also it is possible to do the trek with proper gear and equipment. Mostly, we don’t prefer to make plans during this season. In this season daytime temperatures can reach 10°C to 17°C (50°F to 63°F), while the nighttime temperatures reach around 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F).

 EBC chola pass trek

Foods during Gokyo Cho La Pass with EBC Trek

Throughout the Gokyo Cho La Pass with EBC Trek, the travellers get to enjoy healthy and proper foods. There are several teahouses or lodges along the trail that provide the basic amenities during your stay and meals three times a day Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. They offer various options ranging from typical Nepali cuisines to Western cuisines according to your own choices. But don’t expect food like in Kathmandu city, because of high altitude accommodation the services will be limited not luxurious. If you want to experience adventure and luxury at the same time opt for such treks like Everest Luxury Lodge Trek, Everest Helicopter Tour and Annapurna Heli Tour.

  • Breakfast: The first meal of the day is breakfast in early morning. There are a wide variety of options such meals as pancakes, cornflakes, local bread, chapatti, porridge, egg dishes, toast, Muesli with milk, hash brown potatoes, and so on. Choose according to your taste and preference and enjoy a delicious typical type of meal during Everest and Gokyo Trekking.
  • Lunch and Dinner: These meals offer similar menus so you can choose what you will eat at a time. You can choose differently at different times. For lunch and dinner, most travellers prefer to taste the typical Nepali Dish Dal Bhat Tarkari means Lentil soups, Rice and vegetable curries which help to revitalize your energy through the trek. If not, there are options like momos, pasta, and pizza also includes soups such as tomato soup, mushroom soup, garlic soup, vegetable soup, chicken soup, and so on.
  • Drinks: Enjoy hot and cold drinks like black tea, milk tea, lemon tea, ginger tea, mint tea, and so on for tea, and milk coffee or black coffee for coffee.

Accommodation during Gokyo Cho La Pass with EBC Trek

During your Gokyo Cho La Pass Trek via EBC, relax at a cosy three-star hotel in Kathmandu. Along the trek, your accommodations will mostly be in traditional teahouses. These teahouses usually offer basic amenities, providing rooms with either plastered or wood-panelled walls, single windows, and comfortable beds.

While some teahouses provide room heaters, many depend on panel heating for warmth during the evenings. While a few may offer hot showers, most do not, though electrical charging is usually available, often for an extra cost. To ensure availability during peak seasons, it's recommended to book double rooms as securing single rooms can be challenging.

Moreover, the cost may vary depending on the altitude and facilities which is provided by the Tea Houses. Teahouses at lower elevations offer you better rooms and toilets rather than at a higher altitude. Toilets at these places are closely looked at as foreign types while in some places there are of local styles.

Fitness level for Gokyo Cho La Pass Trek via EBC

Only Everest Base Camp Trek is a moderate level of trek but including the route of Cho La Pass and Gokyo Lake, the trek becomes one of the most difficult ones. Travellers need to face the challenging paths of high elevation, featuring steep inclines that can be burdensome. The trail heading to Cho La Pass and Gokyo is, the most strenuous part of the entire trek including a maximum steep hill to walk with just a few descents. They run beside the glacial moraine and over the snowy ridge, making trekkers suffer from frostbite and cold.

When hiking at a high-altitude terrain, the air pressure is significantly lower, oxygen level is too low. At major altitudes sickness symptoms can occur. Therefore, to prevent risks, hikers will have to prepare before a couple of months to start the trek. Mostly focus on their physical stamina and stability to have a safe journey up to the summit. Take a look at Everest Fitness Requirements will provide a comprehensive guide for trekking in the wilderness region.

Physical Fitness

Everest Base CampCho La Pass Gokyo requires a great level of physical fitness to conquer the summit, lake and high pass. Prepare yourself for a couple of months by engaging in some training to get through the mountainous terrains. Mostly needed to increase their stamina and enhance their physical ability to maintain a steady pace.

Focus at least 1 hour a day on such exercises as running, cycling, hiking, and swimming as they help you stay fit and easy during the trek. It improves cardiovascular conditioning and helps trekkers handle the low oxygen without getting intimidated easily.

Hiking for some hours with a heavy backpack gives the trekker confidence to tackle the route of the Everest region. Helps you to walk for around 6-7 hours each day during the Everest Base Camp Cho La Pass Gokyo Trek.

Mental Fitness

While physical preparation is essential, mental preparation is equally important, especially for high-altitude treks like the Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, and Manaslu Circuit Trek. Without proper mental preparedness, trekkers can swiftly feel stress and hesitancy. To avoid such a mentality, it's essential to be fully prepared for even the extremely worst conditions.

If you're not habitual for long treks, start training beforehand by taking daily walks to build your stamina and maintain a steady pace during the actual hike. There is enough time for packing to guarantee you don't forget any essential trekking gear and equipment. Engage in some mental exercises like yoga, meditation, dancing, reading and more. Such will help for your mental peace and push you to your limits.

Trekking the wilderness of the Everest Base Camp Cho La Pass Gokyo trail can be challenging. Hiring a professional trekking guide can make the journey more achievable. Therefore, build mental resilience and practice healthy eating habits to stay well-fitted during the trip.

EBC with gokyo lake trek

Altitude Sickness Gokyo Lake, Cho La Pass with EBC Trek

Altitude sickness mainly occurs at an extremely high altitude exceeding 5000 meters above. Altitude symptoms occur when your body doesn’t have time to adjust to lower oxygen availability higher up in the atmosphere. It’s generally preventable and treatable. When it becomes severe, it can swiftly escalate into a critical condition endangering life. Recognizing the symptoms early is essential to hesitating your progression, potentially preventing complications or the worsening of symptoms.

The symptoms of AMS are listed below:

  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue, even when resting
  • Malaise (a noticeable “unwell” feeling).
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • Vision changes

Preventive measures for Altitude sickness

  • Make sure to consult with your doctor before embarking on a trek.
  • Eat a healthy diet and proper nutritious food during the trek.
  • Pack your bag with warm clothes, comfortable shoes and essential trekking gear.
  • Carry a first aid kit and medicine that you have been taking regularly.
  • Ascend slowly and take some breaks in between.
  • Climb only with an experienced and professional guide.
  • Stay hydrated all the time by increasing your fluid intake.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and cigarettes at high region.
  • Listen to your body and if feels like symptoms occur inform the guide or team member right away.

Permit Requirements for Gokyo with EBC Treks

Every year thousands of travellers visit Nepal, just to experience thrilling adventure while trekking to Everest Base Camp. One of the most renowned and popular destinations Everest Base Camp in the world offering majestic high peaks and many more. However, the Everest Trek requires two permits i.e. listed below:

Khumbu Rural Municipality Permit

For Foreign nationals and SAARC nationals -The permit for four weeks costs Rs2000 per person. After crossing the four weeks in the area, then the cost increases up to Rs 2500 per person excluding VAT.

Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit

For Foreign Nationals, the permit cost is Rs3000 per person. And for SAARC Nationals, the permit cost is Rs 1500 per person. An extra 13% VAT needs to be included in the given cost.

Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS)

For Foreign Nationals, the permit cost is Rs2000 per person. And for SAARC Nationals, the permit cost is Rs 1000 per person.

Note: If you’re trekking with a reputed agency then, no need to worry about these permits the agency will arrange all those documents but your documents should be provided to them.

Documents Necessary for Gokyo Lake and EBC Trek Permit

Gokyo Lake and EBC Trek permits will be issued by concerned authorities after providing some crucial documents. Here’s a list of the documents required for an Everest trekking route permit:

  • Valid Passport- A valid passport with a minimum of 6 months of validity.
  • Nepal Visa- Fill up the form for a visa after arrival in Nepal.
  • Flight tickets – Copy of tickets including the date of arrival and departure.
  • Travel insurance- Proof of travel insurance covering emergency evacuation, medical expenses, and trekking activities up to the highest altitude.
  • Passport-sized Photographs: Four passport-sized photographs for permit applications and identification purposes.

Essential Trekking Gear and Equipment for Gokyo Lake, Cho La Pass with EBC trek

Gokyo chola passs trek

Here is the complete essential list of equipment for the Everest base camp trek. The weight of your luggage is limited up to 9 kg, so, therefore, we advise you to carry only essential items. In case you require to carry more than 9 kg, we can arrange porters.

Head Wear

  • Warm insulated winter hat / Wooly hat
  • Sun hat / Wide-brimmed hat
  • Scarf
  • Neck gaiter or Fleece Buff (Optional)
  • Neoprene face mask (Optional)
  • Balaclava / Bally ski mask / Monkey cap (Optional)
  • LED Headlamp × 2 and spare batteries

Face/body care items

  • Sunscreen with SPF above 50
  • Sunglasses with UV protection × 2 pairs
  • Face/body cleansing wipes (biodegradable wipes)
  • Moisturizer lotion for face/body
  • Lip balm

Hand Wear

  • Liner gloves × 2 pairs
  • Fleece gloves × 2 pairs

Body Wear

  • Hiking shirts × 2 pairs
  • Full-sleeved thermal undershirts × 2 pairs
  • Fleece jacket
  • Waterproof and windproof hooded rain jacket
  • Down jacket (thick down jacket for winter treks)
  • Polypropylene underwear × 5-6 pairs
  • Synthetic material hiking pants × 2 pairs
  • Long johns × 2 pairs
  • Sweater
  • Waterproof jacket and pants
  • Lightweight cotton pants
  • T-shirt

Foot Wear

  • Woollen socks × 6 pairs (thick light socks)
  • Lightweight shoes/scandals
  • Hiking Boots

Essential Gear

  • Backpack
  • Day pack for basics
  • Waterproof covers for your bags and packs
  • Thermal water bottle (hydration bladder often freezes in winter)
  • Sleeping bag (rated at least 0°C for summer and -15° for winter)
  • Water purification tablets, drops or portable water purifier/filter bottles or, gadgets
  • Trekking pole
  • Crampons
  • Large plastic bags and stuff sacks

Personal Toiletries

  • Medium size towel
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Biodegradable bar soap
  • Deodorant
  • Nail clippers
  • Small mirror
  • Toilet papers
  • Shampoo

Personal accessories

  • Money
  • Watch
  • Cell phone
  • Camera
  • Lighter
  • Pocket knife

Extra items / Travel gear

  • First aid kit
  • Extra passport photos and photocopies of passport Travel insurance documents
  • Notebook and pen
  • Books
  • Personal entertainment
  • Binoculars
  • International electrical adapter


The Gokyo Lake, Cho La Pass, and Everest Base Camp trek is a transformative experience that combines natural splendour, cultural encounters, and physical challenges. It leaves trekkers with unforgettable memories, a deeper appreciation for the beauty and resilience of the Himalayas, and a sense of pride in their adventurous spirit. With proper preparation, a spirit of experience, and a desire to embrace nature's grandeur, this trek promises memories that will last a lifetime.



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