• Everest Trek Experience with Eternal Himalaya

    Juan Paul, Australia

    It was an amazing opportunity to experience Nepalese culture and its spectacular scenery.

    Especially tour Guide, Bipin, for his enthusiasm, professionalism and consistent attention to our every need and comfort during the trek! Thanks to their efforts, we were presented a totally unique, wonderfully memorable, and awesome journey of a lifetime during our TOUR with Eternal Himalaya, from awesome mountain vistas to local cultural awareness and yummy cuisine…

  • Himalayan life experience around Jomsom

    alexandre belanger, United States

    Great tour. Arrived and found out I would be by myself. Tour operator eternal himalaya made every effort to ensure that I felt safe. I had a private room to myself at all the tea-houses for no extra cost. All the accommodation and food was great. Guide and porter all very lovey.

  • 10 days around lord buddha

    Juila Malimina, Australia

    I came to Nepal with no plans to tour but then I met eternal himalaya Mr. ram in the hotel where I was staying at Kathmandu. He was very helpful and informative, and convinced me to do the Buddhist Pilgrimage tour. He helped me plan my budget and set me up with a wonderful guide. It was the best decision I made here. The tour was really awesome. The beauty of pilgrims is alluring. The guide was helpful and he made sure that I was having a great tour experience and eventually we became good friends. He took care of booking hotels and meals. I had very good experience and I hope I will be back to explore more beautiful places. Recommended to eternal Himalaya. They are really awesome. Thank you for helping me and for great experience.

  • Everest Trek Experience

    Francesca Goring, United States

    I had a wonderful trip to Everest Base Camp with sadu ram my guide.I was travelling alone, in a group with two other Americans, and we all really enjoyed eternal himalaya & professionalism throughout the trip
    Great value for money, highly recommend!

  • Mohare Danda Trek

    Robert Antoniyo, United Kingdom

    we had a wonderful time in Nepal with etrenal himalaya adventure treks. The guys are very reliable and doing great job. we did 6 days treks phulbari Mohara danda .ram make this program which is off the beathen path which is we want . Our Guide was so nice and give us a lot of information about Nepal , culture, mountain, Himalaya ,religious, people, herbal medicine, history . ram always take care of us and explain about every question what we asked him.He is very experience guide. we highly recommend this company for your safety and happines especially guide .If you are planning a trip to Nepal contact ram via email [email protected] or whats apps +9779841221072 He will help you to Make your holidays comfortable and unforgettable experience