The Everest Region of Nepal is home to some of the world’s most eminent and
formidable mountain summits, this region embraces the mighty Mount Everest itself.
Many trekkers travel to theEverest regionfor the magnificent views of the highest Mt. Everest
and get a lifetime trekking experience.

Normally, the Everest Trekking packages span approximately 14 days, a duration
desired by many travellers. However, due to time constraints, some enthusiasts find it
demanding to tackle this escapade. So, here is the Everest Short Trek package book it
now and soar to the high peaks, meet the spreading smiles of world-famous Sherpa

The Everest Short Trek allows trekkers to witness the close sights of Mt. Everest, Mt.
Lhotse, Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Thamserku, Mt., Tawache and many more high
peaks. Bless your eye and soul with an amazing mountain vista only at a certain time.
Novice trekkers, without any prior trekking experience and who have physical fitness, are
heartily welcome to join our  Everest Base Camp Short Trek Package”.

True to its name, the Short Everest Trek is a brief odyssey awning the first days of the
route to Everest Base Camp, ending at Namche Bazaar - a traditional Sherpa
settlement and the business capital of the Solu Khumbu (Everest) region. The 7 days
journey involves four days of trekking and is categorized as a moderate-level trek, with
the highest point reached at an altitude of 3440 meters in Namche Bazaar.

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Advantages of Everest short trek

The trek is specially organized for all the time-conscious travellers where those trekkers
get an amazing opportunity to adore the breathtaking Mt. Everest without physical
demands and extensive commitments of long expeditions.
Especially, this trek is the easiest and most cost-effective way to experience the thrilling
foothill of the world’s highest Mount Everest along with popular sherpa communities.
Everest Short Trek is suitable for beginners’ level seeking an adventure for a long
time. As this trek is budget-friendly anyone can join to set foot into the awe--
inspiring landscapes of the Everest Region.
Know more benefits about Everest Short Trek;

  •  A great chance to adore the Everest region's beauty for travellers with limited time.
  •  Appropriate for a wide range of fitness capabilities.
  •  Budget-friendly package – an easy option to experience Everest trekking.
  • The high mountain peaks of Mt. Everest and others will surround trekkers undoubtedly in the shortest time frame.
  •  Less physically arduous than long treks, inflating its convenience to a widertraveler.


everest short trek

Highlights of Everest Short Trekking

  •  Take in the most thrilling flight to Lukla, the most dangerous airport in the world.
  •  An amazing short excursion to the popular Mount Everest.
  •  Explore a fantastic day hiking from Namche, a town high up in the Himalayas.
  • Get a proper insight into Himalayan Buddhism and Sherpa’s cultures and lifestyles.
  •  Marvel at the view of Everest, Lhotse,Ama Dablam, Nuptse, and many other peaks.
  •  Enjoy the stunning Everest region from Everest View Hotel
  •  Immerse yourself in the journey of alpine forests along with a glimpse of the Himalayas.

Everest Short Trek Facts

Trek Region:                  Everest / Khumbu Region
Type of Trekking:           Private Trekking
Starting/ Ending Point:   Kathmandu
Duration of Trek:            7 days
Maximum Altitudes:       3962m/13000ft (Everest View Hotel)
Difficulty Level:              Moderate Level
Meals:                            3 times meals during the trek
Accommodations:          3* Hotel in Kathmandu and Lodges during trek
Best season:                  Spring (March, April & May), Autumn (September, October & December)
Transportation:               Domestic Flight and private vehicle

everest short trek

7 days short itinerary for Everest Trek

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu (1300m)

Day 2: Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla (2860m) and Trek to Phakding (2610m)

Day 3: Trek to Namche Bazaar (3440m)

Day 4: Exploration day at Namche Bazaar and Hiking to Everest View Hotel (3962m)

Day 5: Trek back to Lukla

Day 6: Flight Back to Kathmandu

Day 7: Final Departure

Difficulties in the Everest Short Trek

Venturing into the Everest Short Trek implies only a 4-day trek of easy to moderate
difficulty. On the initial day, a leisurely 3-hour wander from Lukla to Phakding sets the
spirit. The second day will be a bit more challenging, cowling and enlarging the distance
with a 6–7-hour trek, presenting precipitous terrain in the entry of Sagarmatha National
. The ascent of the final to Namche Bazaar may evince difficulty for some trekkers.
The third day is set to explore Namche Bazaar, which entails a 3-hour uphill journey to Everest
View Hotel. The last day implies a full descent from Namche to Lukla, which takes
approximately 7 hours to reach.
Lastly, Everest Short trekking to get close to Mount Everest does not require a high
level of physical condition. With limited fitness level who can easily walk for about 6-7
hours and carrying a daypack will help to complete the trek successfully.

everest short trek

Altitude sickness during the EBC Short Trek

In this EBC short trek, it is uncommon to get altitude sickness because the higher
altitude is below 4000 meters. But make sure to be aware of the symptoms during this
altitude as well. Without hesitation, inform the guides about any occurrence during the
trek. So that they will guide you to reduce the problems. Here are some tips to follow
before embarking on a journey;

  • Stay hydrated, drink an access amount of water
  • Walk slowly and take a break route
  • Ensure to have the Diamox medicine in your bag for altitude sickness prevention.
  • Limit your Alcohol intake

Best season to embark on the journey of 7 days EBC Trek

Spring and Autumn season are the best seasons to trek in Nepal. During these
seasons, you will get the actual views of the Mountains along the trail is smooth and

easygoing. The journey will be more enjoyable with the glimpses of Nepal's wonders. At
this time, there would be no chance of cancelling and delaying flights because the weather
conditions are fine.
But during spring and winter seasons, the journey will be quite challenging because of
weather conditions. In summer, the trails will be wet, muddy, and slippery. Similar to
many other treks in Nepal, this Everest Short Trek is also not recommended during the
summer season. However, it is possible if you have proper guidance and proper gear. 
In the winter season, the cooler season will make the trek even more difficult to continue.
The views are not clear during this time. But in December, the days will be clear and
warm, the trails are by yourself only and the views are just as wonderful. But the nights
are a little bit more extreme than the previous months. So Late December will be
suitable for this trekking.

everest short trek

Embark on a worthwhile adventure of a short EBC Trek that blends magnificent scenery
with cultural immersion. It’s a perfect option for those seeking a taste of the Everest
experience in a more precipitate timeframe, leaving trekkers with lasting memories and
a deep appreciation for the grandeur of the world’s highest mountains.


1) Is it feasible for someone with limited trekking experience to embark on the
Short Everest trek?

This trek is designed to be more attainable for beginners, offering a precipitate
version of the traditional Everest Base Camp trek. Normally, it entails a shorter
duration and less challenging terrain, making it a suitable option for those who
are new to trekking or have limited experience in high-altitude environments.

2) What level of fitness is necessary for commencing the Short Everest trek?

A short Everest trek requires a moderate level of fitness. Trekkers should be able
to walk for several hours a day, manage uneven terrain, and cope with changes
in altitude. While it is less strenuous than the full Everest Base Camp trek, it's
important to be physically & and mentally fit.

3) What is the level of competence possessed by the guides who will escort
me in the mountains?

Our mountain guides have great trekking experience in the Khumbu region,
ensuring you walk apace with a sturdy and affable team dedicated to keeping
you are secure and fine in the mountains.

4) Is it possible to go for the short EBC trek during the off-season?

Yes, it is possible if you have proper guidance and proper gear. Be ready for a
snowy hike from Lukla, and exercise caution. We highly counsel against striving
the trek during the monsoon season.

5) Is Wi-Fi available on the trekking routes to Everest Short trek?

Wi-Fi facilities are available on the Everest short Trek routes. There are plenty of
spots along the Trekking routes where you can access or acquire Wi-Fi. 

6) Is EBC Travel Insurance necessary for me?

It is crucial to have travel insurance and validate its coverage at aloft altitudes. In
case you meet any issues and require avoidance, your travel insurance will
provide the necessary coverage.

7) Where is a suitable location to secure my additional baggage during the

You have the option to store it at your hotel (as most hotels in Kathmandu offer
storage facilities) or leave it at our office before heading to trekking. It will be safe
throughout the time.
8) What kind of permit is needed in this short trek to Everest?

You will need two types of permits to enter in Everest Region;

  • Sagarmatha Nation Park entry permit
  • Khumbu Rural Municipality Permit


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