Things to do in Thamel


Thamel is the most popular tourist hub of Nepal. Most of the tourist-based hotels, restaurants, and shops are located in Thamel.  The streets of Thamel are always crowded as it offers the best leisure, shopping, and dining options. One can find everything you’re searching for within the narrow alley of here, including from trekking items, instruments, local Nepali herbs, jewelry, etc.

Thamel is where the travelers and trekkers land before and after their trek to mountains to enjoy the big city life, even nightlife for a few days, before dispersing in their direction, whichever way that may be.

Here are a few things one can do to entertain themselves in Thamel.

1) Shopping for trekking gear

If you’re going for adventurous trekking experience in Nepal, the best place to buy the required equipment would be Thamel. This tourist hub of Nepal, Thamel offers you the shops where you can buy trekking gears as per your wish. You can choose among internationally recognized brands as well as local brands in this area. Heavy items such as sleeping bags, Down jackets, Crampons, Ice-axes, Duffle bags, trekking poles, trekking boots can be bought in every other store of Thamel. You can also buy the miscellaneous pieces of stuff such as headlights, altimeters, eater purifiers, sunglasses, moisturizers, and personal supplements here.

2) Explore bistros and cafes

Thamel is full of restaurants, cafes, and bistros that offer a variety of food. Thamel is a hub of multi-cuisines, where you can find anything world-class culinary to authentic Nepali Dal Bhaat to Mediterranean street foods. There are cozy coffee shops and ice cream parlors where you can spend your time hanging out with your friends, even read books, do your work while sipping coffee or even Cocktails.  There are restaurants that serve authentic Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Tibetan. Bhutanese and Nepali food along with halal food as per your palette choice. You can even try authentic Nepali food rather than Dal Bhat that extends to, Choila, Sargemba, Sel roti, Yomari, Tongba, Dhindo and many more.

Some of the famous bistros and cafes of Thamel are listed below: –

1)  OR2K

OR2K is a Mediterranean restaurant that offers vegan and gluten-free foods. The food here is unique and delicious. This restaurant is situated in the mandala street of Thamel also the ambiance of this restaurant is top-notch with free wi-fi.

2) Black Olives Café and Bar

Looking for a restaurant with a courtyard and beer garden? Then, Black olives is the perfect place for you to hangout. This restaurant serves the best Eurasian menu in the area. Make sure you try their steaks, salads, burgers, and pasta, which they’re famous for.

3) Fire and Ice Pizzeria

This place is like a little Italy in the form of a restaurant in Thamel. As the owner is an Italian woman the dishes here have authentic flavors of Italy. Along with authentic Italian breakfast, Pizza, Pasta, salads, and selected desserts are served here.

4) Phat Kath

Phat Kath looks like a treehouse from outside and has the best ambiance in the area. The restaurant also has different lounges, with different names, to provide varied seating options. Phat Kath has a diverse menu with the dishes of many countries (French, Chinese, Continental) and from Nepal too. Also, the menu hosts crazy cocktails and mocktails.


3) Spas and Natural Therapy

You might feel exhausted after a long journey to Nepal or even after your trek. However, Thamel is abundant in terms of Natural Therapies. You will be able to find a lot of massage centers run by experienced people. You will get a massage from trained therapists which will help you to recover from extreme weariness, fatigue, body pain even recovering from jet lag. Spas and natural massage therapy might just be one of the best things you get to experience in Thamel.

4) Souvenir Hunting

Thamel is a paradise for shoppers. You will be able to find almost everything you are looking for, here. The streets of Thamel are full of shops that sell handmade items like tote bags, singing bowls, paintings, jewelry printed local t-shirts, pastels, stickers, pashmina, cashmere and many more. Everything you get in Thamel is unique and makes an amazing gift you give to your loved ones.

5) Enjoy the nightlife of Thamel

Thamel has the best clubs and bars of entire Nepal. Astounded with the streetlights, Thamel is a perfect place with new clubs and its ambiance. Every night the restaurants, bars, and clubs look like they are celebrating some sort of festival and are crowded during weekends. People who choose other than the hustling and bustling and the noise, they hop into the small bars between the alleys in the nooks and crannies of Thamel. The clubs and bars of Thamel are cozy and are decorated with a dim light ambiance that will give you a relaxing and chill feeling. There are plenty of bars that open till late at night where you can listen to music and enjoy your time.

Some of the famous night clubs of Thamel are: –

1)  Club Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is one of the recent clubs to be opened in Kathmandu. You can party whole night in this club. Apart from dancing, this place serves wide varieties of food and drinks.

2) Purple Haze Rock Bar

As the name suggests, purple haze rock bar is for rock music and drinks. Local bands perform here and is heavily crowded during the weekends.

3) Ibyza Lounge

This Lounge gives the insight of party paradise, Spain for those hasn’t yet managed to go for partying in Ibiza. You can get a drink enjoy head banging on the music of an exclusive DJ.

4) LOD – Lord of the Drinks

LOD is the youngest yet most famous club of Kathmandu. Their concert style stage and amazing dance floor is what attracts people to go there. They have performances every night, if lucks favors, you might as well see your favorite artist performing here.


6) Chill in Garden of Dreams

The Garden of Dreams is located on the outskirts of central Thamel. The four-acre Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu was designed by landscape draftsman Kishore Narshingh to impersonate Edwardian-era English gardens. The garden is characterized by six pavilions, which symbolized the “six seasons” of Nepal: spring, early summer, the summer monsoon season, early autumn, late autumn, and winter.

You can visit an art museum inside the premises of the garden. You can sit down for a meal or coffee in a café and enjoy the incredible artifacts along with stunning water features.

7) Enjoy Live Music

If you’re a music enthusiast, Thamel might just be what you’re looking for. From jazz to rock & roll to heavy metal songs to traditional Nepali songs, you will be able to find any genre of music you like.  Most of the popular Nepali artists play indie and rock and roll inspired by the hippy era in the 70s. If you want then you can also sing yourself upon requesting the staff there.

8) Indoor Sports

Trying indoor sports before heading out to nature is always a good idea. There are numerous places that offer excellent indoor sports and adventurous activities in Thamel.  Gymnastics, wall climbing, futsal, and many more options are available to entertain yourself.

9) Take cooking class

Love Nepali cuisines? You can always sign up for the cooking class in Thamel. You can learn a lot about Nepali Cuisine and will be able to choose the best ingredients to give a final touch to the homemade dishes. You can sharpen your cooking skills and use your inventiveness and imagination with the chefs as they teach you the culinary instructions you make you a better Nepali cook.

You can even experience the essence of the art of cooking with love to provide exquisite Nepali food not only for your tummy but also for your soul.

10) Rickshaw ride in Thamel

Despite being the tourist hub of Kathmandu, Thamel still has its unexplored sides. Explore ancient places like Vikramshila Mahavihar, Bhagwati Mandir, Hanuman, Ganesh and Shiva Shrines, Chhyasal Ajima Sthan and many more in Rickshaw.

11) Enjoy a movie at the cinema hall with popcorn

Grab a cheese popcorn and enjoy a movie at the newly constructed Chayya Complex located on the west side of the garden of the dreams. Fulfill your latest movie connoisseur in this world-class multiplex.  You can also go for shopping in this complex or eat food at the food court available here.