Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek is one of the concealed treasures of Nepal nestled amidst the rugged and untrodden terrain. Accompanying noticeable parallelism to the Tibetan plateau, Upper Dolpo is perched as a pristine fortress of untouched natural beauty. Protected from modernization, the Upper Dolpo region remains Nepal's most conserved and culturally spirited.

Trekking to Upper Dolpo is quite a challenging and thrilling journey due to its rugged route, high altitude deserted landscape, numerous high passes and alpine meadows but the stunning Mountain vistas after overcoming the challenges are worthwhile. Trekking in Lower and Upper DolpoCircuit requires well-fitted physical conditions and mental conditions as well and proper acclimatization is needed throughout.

The wilderness Upper Dolpo Circuit trekking passes through the varied natural wonders offering a fascinating blend of impressive waterfalls, rhododendron forests, serene lakes, glorious Himalayan backdrop and interesting narratives of remote regions embellished with typical cultural customs traditions and lifestyles, making it absolutely a mesmerizing adventure.

The Remote Dolpo Region boasts innumerable ancient monasteries and gompas and is set amid captivating natural grandeurs and high Himalayans including Dhaulagiri (8167m), Annapurna (8091m), and Kanjiroba (6883m). Generally, this region attracts adventures around the globe due to its inclusion of some of Nepal’s most amazing destinations – Shey Phoksundo Lake, Phoksundo National Park, and Shey Gompa.

If you’re truly an adventure seeker then make a plan and get ready to trek to Upper Doplo Circuit will be an ideal chance to challenge yourself throughout the adventurous journey. With a unique array of landscapes and natural scenery, Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek sets it apart from other trekking destinations in Nepal and promises to provide an amazing lifetime experience in the Himalayan wilderness terrain.

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Notable Features of Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek

  •  Traverse through the Shey Phoksundo National Park – the largest National Park offering a wide variety of flora and fauna.
  •  Revel in the tranquil beauty of Shey Phoksundo Lake – the deepest lake in Nepal.
  •  Encounter with the numerous Himalayan wildlife creatures such as Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue sheep, snow Leopard and many more.
  •  Explore the various ancient monasteries including Shey Gompa (800 years old gompa)
  •  Experience the thrilling adventure of passing high passes like Kang La Pass 5,350m, Shey La Pass 5000m and Jeng La Pass 5,220m.
  •  Marvel at the stunning Himalayan views of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Kanjiroba Himal and many more.
  •  Get a deeper understanding of the Tibetan Buddhist Culture, Customs and Traditions.

Cultural Immersing in Dolpo's Unique Heritage

Upper Doplo circuit trek

Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek is considered the top trekking destination in Nepal's Himalayas due to the beauty of culture and nature. The Dolpo region is home to multi-ethnic settlements which attract individuals with a distinctive fusion of cultures, predominantly shaped by the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and the ancient Bon religion.

As the Upper Dolpo Circuit Journey takes place the trails come across numerous

centuries-old monasteries, chortens and mani walls exhibiting the region’s rich cultural heritage. Learn about their cultures, traditions and living styles in remote areas. Trekking to the Dolpo region is a captivating opportunity to experience authentic Tibetan foods and lifestyles.

The Upper Dolpo And Lower Dolpo community showcases the unique oral traditions, enveloping myths, legends, tales, customs, and a language similar to Tibetan heritage for apparent reasons. Their rich cultural tapestry is featured during festivals like the Phoksundo Festival and the Shey Festival, where traditional dances, music, and religious rituals are cheerfully performed by monks.

High Altitudes and Terrain of Upper Dolpo Region

Undertaking the Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek presents the thrilling challenge of navigating through remote, high-altitude terrain, reaching heights surpassing 5000 meters. Undoubtedly, the Upper Dolpo journey is one of the most challenging treks in Nepal spanning 21 days traversing in the rugged landscape.

This admiring as well as thrilling trek includes three high passes; Kang La Pass 5,350m, Shey La Pass 5000m and Jeng La Pass 5,220m – a challenging and highlight part of the trip. So, Upper Doplo Trekking is a physically demanding trek which requires a lot of preparation. After conquering the high Himalayan passes, the sense of accomplishment is beyond expectations.

Be amazed at the astounding gigantic mountain scenery of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Kanjiroba Himal and many more. Witness the tranquil beauty of the alpine landscapes, and experience the rich cultural tapestry of locals, make every step of the journey worthwhile.

Upper Doplo circuit trek

Planning and Preparation Upper Dolpo Journey

Preparation is the most important factor to be considered while embarking on an Upper Dolpo trek. The trek requires individuals with a physical and mental fit. Have the power to never give up in any conditions and handle the situation right away.

The trek itself is challenging also can be more thrilling due to varied reasons such as; unpredictable weather conditions, high altitude terrain, and rugged terrain. So, prepare yourself for a couple of months with some activities like Running, jogging, hiking, swimming, cardiovascular exercises, leg strengthening and more similar to build your stamina and power.

It’s better to plan your trek with a reputable company which provides support for obtaining permits, managing logistics, and engaging seasoned professional guides well-versed in the area's terrain

 Permits for Upper Dolpo Trekking

The Upper Dolpo Trekking route lies in a restricted area which requires special permits for every individual to enter it. Usually, it can be acquired from the Department of Immigration, Kathmandu. You’ll require three different permits for trekking in the Upper Doplo region. Here’s a listing of the essential permits

  •  Lower Dolpo Restricted Area Entry Permit
  •  Shey Phoksundo National Park Entry Permit
  •  Upper Dolpo Restricted Area Entry Permit

To obtain these all-necessary permits, Clients need to provide a Valid Passport and Valid Visa for their trekking operator. All these Permits can be arranged by the trip operators.Upper Doplo circuit trek


 Itinerary of Upper Dolpo Circuit Treks

Day 01: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj(150m) – 1 hour.

Day 02: Fly from Nepalgunj to Jhupal (Dolpo) (2,320m) and trek to Dunai (2,338m) – 3 hours.

Day 03: Dunai to Ankhe(2,896m) – 6 hours.

Day 04: Ankhe to Sulighat(3,180m) – 6 hours. Overnight at Guest House.

Day 05: Sulighat to Phoksundo Lake (3,610m) – 5 hours.

Day 06: Acclimatization at Phoksundo Lake (3,610m) – 2 hours.

Day 07: Phoksundo Lake to Phoksundo Khola(3,507m) – 5 hours.

Day 08: Phoksundo Khola to Phoksundo Bhanjyang(3,910m) – 7 hours.

Day 09: Phoksundo Bhanjyang to Shey Gompa (4,500m) via Kang-La pass (5,360m) – 6 hours.

Day 10: Acclimatization at Shey Gompa (4,500m) – 3 hours.

Day 11: Shey Gompa to Namduna Gaon (4,800m) via Saldang La (5,200m) – 7 hours.

Day 12: Namduna Gaon to Saldang(3,620m) – 5 hours.

Day 13: Saldang to Yangze Gompa (3,960m) – 5 hours.

Day 14: Yangze Gompa to Sibu (4,560m) – 7 hours.

Day 15: Sibu to Jeng La Phedi(4,900m) – 6 hours.

Day 16: Jeng La Phedi to Tokyu Gaon (4,209m) via Jeng La pass (5,090m) – 6 hours.

Day 17: Tokyu Gaon to Dho Tarap(4,040m) – 5 hours.

Day 18: Acclimatization at Dho Tarap(4,040m) – 2 hours.

Day 19: Dho Tarap to Tarap Khola(3,800m) – 7 hours.

Day 20: Tarap Khola to Khani Gaon (3,150m) – 5 hours.

Day 21: Khani Gaon to Tarakot(3,537m) – 5 hours.

Day 22: Tarakot to Dunai (2,850m) – 6 hours.

Day 23: Dunai to Jhupal(2,320m) – 3 hours.

Day 24: Flight from Jhupal to Nepalgunj and Nepalgunj to Kathmandu.

Optimal Seasons on the Upper Dolpo Trek

Trekking in Dolpo Region can be accessible during the whole year but there are the seasons considered as the best. Spring (March to May) and autumn seasons (September, October and November) are ideal to plan any trek in Nepal. For the Upper Dolpo circuit Trek, Monsoon season is also preferable however, the region is in a rain shadow area. So, it is favourable to trek during monsoon season as well. Moreover, do not plan your trek during Winter seasons due to heavy snowfall and chilling temperatures it’s not preferable.

The above-mentioned ideal seasons offer enjoyable weather conditions, crystal clear sky and stunningly clear views of the Himalayas and landscapes which enhance your journey even more and provide a beautiful unforgettable experience.

Upper Doplo circuit trek

 Safety and Health Trekking in the Dolpo Region

Upper Dolpo Region Trekking is one of the safest routes in Nepal. Trekkers must be concerned about their health and body conditions as they trek in highly elevated regions. Due to unpredictable weather conditions, trekkers should be ready for any occurrence throughout the trek. It may complicate the situation of your body and raise problems so make sure to consult doctors before undertaking the journey. If you are continuing the journey then, ensure your safety first if some symptoms occur in your body let it know to our professional guide, and they will help you throughout the trek.

Lastly, we advised you to bring your prescribed medicines, first aid kit for personal use and warm clothes. People with Heart disease and lung disease cannot participate in this trek.

Foods and Accommodations in Upper Doplo Circuit Trek

The upper Dolpo Circuit Trek Package includes both food and accommodation services throughout the journey. The trekkers will stay at teahouses or lodges which offer basic amenities like a twin-sharing room, Cozy beds, Warm blankets and shared bathrooms. There are not many teahouses. So, in some places, you will experience camping also.

During your stay at the hotels or teahouses, you'll have access to a unique array of foods and drinks, with options spanning various cuisines. Rice, noodles and seasonal vegetables are usually served as meals in Dolpo tea houses. Correspondingly, they typically eat eggs, bread, and cereal for breakfast. If your choice for a camping trek, the professional cooks will provide a variety of dishes, with the staple being the traditional Nepalese fare of Dal Bhat, lentils, vegetables and achaar.

​​​​Upper Dolpo circuit trek


Trekking in the Upper Dolpo Circuit is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With its challenging terrain, diverse landscapes, and rich cultural experiences, the Dolpo trek makes a perfect adventure for every individual desiring oneself to challenge. Proper preparation, both physically and mentally, is crucial for an outstanding and momentous trek.

Eternal Himalaya Team will do its best out of everything to provide an amazing experience and promises the best services throughout your enjoyable journey to the Dolpo Region.



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