Amidst the hustle and bustle, Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, concealed an opulence of unexplored treasures. Nepal, a nation held by exalted peaks that reach for the sky, dispense mountains of day hiking chances that permit you to soak yourself in the magnificent beauty of nature without separating from your daily adherence.

Want to experience the closeness of snow-covered mountains with the surreal beauty of nature and to break out from the crowded city life for a few days but don’t have access time, Eternal Himalaya Team offers different amazing Day Hiking around Kathmandu valley as per traveller’s concerns.

Traversing the Kathmandu Valley through a day hike assurance an exciting and energizing adventure. Short-day Hiking in Kathmandu Valley is encompassed by green hills covered with lush forests, charming villages, and scenic terraced farms. It grants majestic views of mountains and local cultures and lifestyles.

From the trails' revitalising atmosphere to the Himalayan peaks' stunning vistas that enfold the backdrop, the everyday hiking experience presents unique and captivating features. Mostly, the Day hike around Kathmandu is accessible within a couple of hours – easy, fast and budget-friendly trip suitable for anyone.

Discover the diverse options for day hikes in and around Kathmandu, providing an enriching experience to include in your itinerary while staying in Nepal.

Table of Contents

 Nagarkot Changunarayan Day Hike


  •  Witness the mesmerizing sunrise over the majestic Himalayan Ranges.
  •  Indulge in the culture and lifestyles of inhabitants.
  •  Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nepal – Changunarayan Temple
  •  Catch a glimpse of breathtaking Mt Everest, Mt Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang and many other peaks

Nagarkot Changunarayan Hiking is one of the popular as well accessible trips to admire the gleaming sunrise view and the beautiful mountain ranges. Break free from the daily chores and soak yourself in the serenity offered by the attractive small villages near Kathmandu. The day hike starts from Kathmandu and drives to Nagarkot early morning.

From the main vantage point of Nagarkot, Marvel at the amazing sunrise views over the majestic Himalayan Ranges. Capture pictures of wonderful scenery then embark on a hike to Changunarayan. Along the hike, be enthralled by the incredible landscapes, experience genuine warmth from the locals, and get proper insights into their unique lifestyle.

Also, enter into the beautiful temple of Changu Narayan where Lord Vishnu lives in his manifestation as Narayan. It is the main highlight of this trip. After exploring and enjoying take a drive back to Kathmandu where the trip comes to an end.

nagarkot hiking

Sundarijal Day Hike


  • Witness along the trail – soothing Sundarijal waterfall, small streams, hydropower dam, cliffs, and incredible scenery
  • Entering through Shivapuri National Park
  • Exploring the Budhanilkantha Temple
  • Traversing amid picturesque scenery and settlements via lush forest
  • Opportunity to observe wild creatures such as deer, leopards, and wild cats, along with a diverse array of butterflies and birds.

Sundarijal Hiking offers an amazing short hiking opportunity to enjoy nature completely. The day starts with a scenic drive to Budhanilkantha and then the short yet rewarding adventure takes place.

Meandering through charming villages, tracing the course of rivers and passing by beautiful settlements, the journey will gradually lead us upward, navigating stone steps, flowing waterfalls, and gigantic rocks, all while following the curving rivers. 

Enter Shivapuri National Park where the route will be filled with captivating rhododendron forests, visit ancient temples, and encounter river dams. Get a chance to refresh yourselves by spattering in the pure riverside waters. With the chirping sounds of varied birds, the trail takes you to the bus station of Sundarijal from where the hiking ends.

sundari jal hiking

 Shivapuri Day Hike


  •  Immerse yourself into the natural wonders along with beautiful landscapes.
  •  An exciting walk on Shivapuri National Park.
  •  Observe the uncommon and unique flora and fauna in the National Park.
  •  Marvel at the sights of Mt. Manaslu and Langtang Mountain ranges.
  •  Explore the most amazing cultural sites such as Budhanilkantha, Nagi Gompa, and Bagdwar, along with Shivapuri Hill itself.

Situated at an elevation of 2563m, Shivapuri Day Hiking give a chance to experience amazing scenery along with a visit to different religious sites. Shivapuri Hiking is a great ideal choice to embark on for a beautiful experience in life.

Escaping from Kathmandu city, the hike commences from Budhanilkantha there is a statue of sleeping Vishnu on a single stone. The hike will take you to the Nagi Gumba: with a great exploration of a popular Buddhist monastery. The journey commences with a challenging ascent amidst oak and rhododendron trees. The landscape transforms into a lush green tapestry.

Amidst the diverse flora and fauna of Shivapuri National Park, observe the enchanting sight of exotic birds and unique plant species. Moreover, this particular area stands as one of the valley's forests, serving as a habitat for monkeys, leopards, and bears.

From the top hill of Shivapuri, see the excellent views of the Himalayas; Ganesh Himal, Langtang-Lirung, and Dorji Lhakpa as well as enjoy amazing views of the Himalayas to the north along with a broad vista of the Kathmandu Valley below. One can behold Baghdwar, adding a mystic dimension to the hiking. The appearance of birds and the scenic hills in the area further magnify the charm of the hike. After capturing the serene panorama take a shortcut downhill trail leading to Kopan then embark on a drive back to Kathmandu.

shivapuri hikung

 Champa Devi Day Hike


  •  Easily accessible hike around Kathmandu Valley
  •  Catch a glimpse of the Himalayan range, including Langtang and Ganesh Himal.
  •  Traverse through forests filled with beautiful rhododendron, pine, and oak trees.
  •  Enjoy a walk in a peaceful and reviving environment.
  •  Explore the sacred Hindu temple on the edges of Kathmandu, known as Champadevi.

Similar to the luxuriant green hills encompassing the Kathmandu Valley, Champadevi is nestled as one of the aerial peaks located to the southwest of Kathmandu and Lalitpur districts. Champadevi Day Hike is an easy hike towards one of the beautiful spots for the spectacular views of Kathmandu Valley along with the Himalayas in a soothing way.

The Champadevi Hike begins from the Hattiban Resort tracing through a rich forest teeming with varied plants and flowers. Bump into the delightful Bagmati River, along with fascinating places like Bungmati, Khokana, and Pharping. Come across various Buddhist monasteries and explore them.

At the summit, hikers are surprised with bird’s eye views of the wide-ranging Kathmandu Valley, embellished with ancient temples, gompas and a bustling landscape. Not only the aerial views of the valley but also the astounding Himalayan Mountain Range such as Langtang Himal and Ganesh Himal also glimpse of the prominent Mount Everest. Capturing the memory on the top of a hill in return visit Dakshinkali temple – one of the religious sites in Nepal, on their way back to Kathmandu.

champadevi hiking

Chisapani Day Hike


  • Be amazed at the splendid views of Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lhakpa, Ganesh Himal and more.
  • Walk through the crown forests with the Rhododendron flower.
  • Get a chance to learn about the unique culture and lifestyles of locals.
  • Entering Shivapuri National Park.
  • Catch a glimpse of varied wildlife creatures.

Chisapani Hiking presents an enchanting and easily accessible trekking experience in closeness to Kathmandu. This adventure provides a refreshing getaway into the natural wonders of heavenly Nepal.

The Chisapani Hike starts with a short drive to Sundarijal from Kathmandu (the capital of Nepal). The adventure begins in Sundarijal by entering the Shivapuri National Park. The Shivapuri-Nagarjun is the youngest national park in Nepal.

After about 5-6 hours of amazing hiking from Sundarijal through a forest, take in the magnificent vistas of the Chisapani and Eastern Himalayan ranges, traversing from Langtang to Gaurishankar, as you ramble through the beautiful ethnic village.

Get to know more about the local people’s culture and lifestyles. Hiking through thick forests with the sound of birds chirping is a delightful odyssey. There are many other options to expand the hike to Nagarkot, Changunarayan and many other places.

chisapani hiking

Kakani Day Hike


  • Admire the beautiful sights of Langtang Mountain Range, Shisha Pangma Range, Annapurna Range, and Mt Manaslu.
  • The walk-through alpine, rhododendron and oak forests.
  • Be amazed with the ariel views of bustling Kathmandu city.
  • Experience Tamang culture and traditions
  • Enjoy a beautiful vista of hills and valleys during the scenic drive

Kakani is one of the most well-liked locations and a preferred travel destination for day hiking and picnic spots. The hike will take you closer to the beautiful mountains. The Kakani hiking commences through dense forests and quaint Tamang villages, immersing yourself in the rich drapes of Tamang culture and traditions.

The Kakani Hilltop offers a leisurely trail lasting 5 to 6 hours, unveiling stunning vistas of vibrant green paddy fields and charming hamlets nestled below. The backdrop flaunts exalted mountain ranges, including Langtang,Annapurna, Manaslu, and more, enhancing the scenic allure of your journey. The Kakani day hike set out as a magnificent retreat from the city's hustle and bustle, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural beauty of Nepal.

lalani hiking

Phulchwoki Day Hike


  • Famous for diverse vegetation, flora, and fauna.
  • Enjoy the trail carrying religious and cultural significance.
  • Make a visit to the Royal Botanical Garden, Godawari
  • Witness the alluring views of Everest, Annapurna Ganesh, Langtang, Gaurishanker, and Manaslu mountain views

The Meaning of Phulchwoki is the “Hills of Flowers” located at the highest hill (2,782 meters) which is a popular destination to hike nearer in Kathmandu Valley. Also, the Phulchwoki is the name of the goddess, visit there and see a shrine of the goddess at the top encircled by flags.

Considered a perfect one-day adventure tour for usual hikers and it will be good training for a long mountain trek in Nepal. The journey takes place from Kathmandu to Godawari on a scenic ride and then hiking to Phulchowki Hill. Explore the most beautiful botanical garden in Nepal, where you will get to see different varieties of flora and fauna, flowers and a tranquil environment to enjoy.

As the hike commences, the trail takes you through sub-tropical trees of rhododendron, alpine and oak. Discover a variety of Rhododendrons, displaying a spectrum of colours, including pure white blooms. Throughout the hike, capture various bird species. On reaching the top visit the Phulchowki Mai Temple and pray for your good then soak yourself in the wonderful views of Everest, Annapurna Ganesh, Langtang, Gaurishanker, and Manaslu. Later on, head back to Kathmandu.

phulchoki hike

Namobudhha Day Hike


  • Traversing through alleys, terraced fields, and rich forests.
  • Get cultural insights into Hindu and Buddhist peoples.
  • Explore the World-famous Monastery- Namobuddha.
  • Capture the spectacular Himalayan sights of northern Nepal.
  • Observe the architectural houses, traditions, and cultures of the locals in the ancient Newari town of Panauti.

The most admired destination to spend your valuable holiday within a short hike to Namobudhha. Namobuddha Hiking offers a melodious blend of diverse cultures, religions, and traditions, complemented by incredible mountain vistas. The trail starts from Dhulikhel and leads up to the hilltop where the Namobuddha Stupa is located.

Taking you to the settlements of the Tamang and Newari ethnicities, a beautiful forest of rhododendrons and the beautiful and colourful monasteries of Namo Buddha, the journey itself is amazing to embark on. Along the way interact with the Newari peoples of Panauti villages and look at their traditions and lifestyles. Visit the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal as you reach the top where Namobuddha stupa is believed to have been built on the site where Lord Buddha, in one of his previous lives, gave his body to a starving tigress and her cubs.

Never miss the chance to explore everything this short-day hike has to offer. Relish the soothing views of Himalayan Vistas and the bird’s eye view of Kathmandu Valley below. This is ideal for individuals seeking a moderately challenging yet fulfilling hike, this trail provides a distinctive mix of natural splendour and cultural encounters.

Namobuddha hike

 Amitabha Monastery Day Hike (White Monastery)


Amitabha is renowned as another name for White Monastery and in Nepali it is popularly known as Seto Gumba. A must-visit site with a short hike to the spectacular monastery builds completely from pristine white stones, conveying a flawless and shining appearance.

The hike to Amitabha Monastery manifests to be both refreshing and apprising, offering a great chance to explore and gain insights into the complexities of Buddhism. The serene monastery emits tranquillity, embellished with beautiful paintings, murals, and statues that perceivably display the rich tapestry of Buddhist culture, accompanied by the hovering prayer flags that add a touch of spirituality to the experience.

The hiking trail and the surrounding scenarios are all amazing. Also, the sunset over a glimpse of Mountain sights is just wonderful and standing right behind religious sites provides you with a lifetime experience for sure. Make sure to visit Amitabha Monastery is a great option for a quick hike.

Amitabha Monastery hiking

 Pharping Day Hike


  •  Visit the most famous Hindu Dakshinkali Temple.
  •  Explore monasteries in Pharping.
  •  Get insights into Newari culture, traditions and lifestyles.
  •  Hike past through luxuriant forests and pine-covered areas

If you seek a quick hike that submerges you in nature, local life, and culture altogether, Pharping Day Hike stands out as a great choice. Located just an hour's drive from Kathmandu, Pharping boasts beautiful temples, monasteries, and a pleasing Newari village.

A blissful drive to Dakshinkali first and explore the Dakshinkali Temple is evident amongst the most popular sanctuaries in Nepal. Learn more about this temple devoted to Goddess Kali, the frightful incarnation of Lord Shiva's wife, Parvati.

Starts hiking past luxuriant forests and pine-covered areas for about half an hour leading you to four captivating monasteries and an enormous statue of Guru Rinpoche. In addition, the Gumba offers stunning views of the central and western Himalayan range. Getting proper insights into the Newari village in Pharping adds another layer of interest, providing a glimpse into the typical Newari lifestyle.

Pharping hike


Make a short hike to any destination according to your preference, Eternal Himalaya is here to provide you with the best qualitative experience for a long time. In a brief time, the Hike around Kathmandu Valley has to offer a lot of natural wonders to our visitors. Kathmandu Valley never fails to provide a tranquil experience amidst delightful landscapes. With moderate physical demands, these locations grant spectacular vistas of mountain peaks, hills, and the entire Kathmandu valley.

If you want to explore the beauty of Kathmandu, book a day hike with us!